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Animation for Kids and Teens. I have been teaching for almost 12 years.

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2D Animation (Beginner - Intermediate)

Students will use Adobe Animate software. For students that like to draw or like computerized animation, this class will give students insight to how the professional animators on TV bring their creations to life! Enjoy learning Adobe Animate which is used for drawing animated cartoon characters and environments. The class students will draw and animate characters and backgrounds. This is mainly a beginner course but for those who have taken our animation camps before can still join and do continuation lessons.

Key Skills:
Creating symbols and instances
Use of different tools to create objects.
Basics animation techniques
How to publish the animation



3D Animation (Beginner - Intermediate)

Students will use Autodesk Maya software for learning the principles of animation skills for 3D Animation. This software is used by multiple animation studios around the world to create exciting animations enjoyed by people just like you. Learn how to create 3D objects to create environments and apply textures to make objects more appealing. Students learn how to animate people and/or animals depending on class skill level.

Key Skills:
Learning software Autodesk Maya
3D Modeling techniques to make character and/or animation props
Animate techniques such as using the timeline, use of frames and keyframes, graph editor, etc.
Auto-rigging with Mixamo for Animation. Also, lso, rigging manually in Maya


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About Jessica

Experience teaching students online USA/ International.

Provide courses such as programming, video game design, fashion design, animation, film making, photography, culinary arts, architectural design, interior design, graphic design, motion graphics, stop motion.

Provide course material for career school for our training center and online classes, develop school plans, staff coordinator, provide curriculum plans, outreach to partnering locations, teaching various creative courses. Skilled in student/customer services, handle student/customer inquiries, phone presentations in a professional manner, and a talent for identifying student/customer needs.

Experience being a School Principle



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These classes are online private lessons. You meet with real live instructor online using Zoom software for class lessons. Tuition is $35/hour. Paying $140/month usa dollars. You can request a free 30 minute demo class to see if your child or teen will like the class.

Online class tuition is $35 per hour, or $82 - $90/month for group lessons.


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