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Basic-Int Web Design, Computer Science, Databases, Business Start-up Help, Teach Basic - Advanced Computer Function

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I am a University Student, and I have been very interested in computers for a long time. I am fun to talk too and can give you not only Academic computer information but also useful computer Information to make your life easier. I am offering help with starting up a company or business, I can help/teach how to make or maintain an already setup website. I can teach you or get you familiar with many computer functions and options/Features. I can also teach all Microsoft programs.

I have never had a teaching job before so this would be a learning experience for me, although I have taught a few friends how to do the odd thing or 2 here there. I am relaxed with my teaching and can teach you at your pace, if you dont get something, we can go through it as many times/ as many different ways as you need too before you have it down. I can teach you from whatever standard you are currently at and every first lesson will start with going through briefly what you know, then what you want to learn and then we can go at a speed that we both agree suits you.


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About Jacob

Was an independant websign designer for 2 years while at college. Studying computer science at University.

I have not a lot of teaching experience but am patient and informative, I find it easy to communicate so we wont have a problem there. I have had sales jobs in the past but the lack of relivence makes me think it will be better to not apply a CV/Update my CV.

I am more here to help your general knowledge grow on any program or in any subject you need and from there you will be able to understand your course better. I also offer lessons to people who are not studying a course and that are more interested in just learning something new or something they want to apply to a business their running or starting up.



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Price negotiable depending on what you want to learn. These are my highest rates.

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