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1st lesson belanja!

1st lesson belanja!

CHESS LESSONS with Marcus Gosling - a professional and friendly chess teacher and author. I can teach online and in person. I am president of Epsom Chess Club. I also speak Russian and French.

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I am a chess teacher from Epsom, Surrey, with experience teaching and playing chess in Russia and the UK. I offer a structured and lucid approach to improving your chess ability, based on logical principles and pattern recognition. I have played for almost 20 years since my mum taught me the rules as a kid!
I always try to keep lessons light-hearted, but ensure that my students pick up a number of new ideas in each sesson.

I teach both kids and adults online* or in-person at an affordable price.
*Covid restrictions mean I can only teach online at the moment, although I am optimistic of providing the option of in-person tuition again soon.

I am president of Epsom Chess Club and have self-published chess books such as 'Become a Chess Secret Agent', 'Intergalactic Chess Secrets', Fantastic Moves and Where to Find Them' and 'Cheesy Chess'.

I speak Russian and French in addition to my native English, and teach EFL as well as French and Russian.
I specialise in chess tuition for beginners and those of intermediate level. When living in Moscow, I tutored an 11-year-old boy from absolute beginner to being the best in his school in a matter of months. To put this into context, my student managed to beat another boy of similar age who had been receiving tuition for several years.
I was offered a role as a chess teacher in a French school in Moscow, but had to decline due to other work commitments.


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About Marcus

My own ECF rating peaked at just under 2000 and my FIDE rating hovered around the 1900s in blitz chess whilst playing in Moscow. I tied for 1st in the Exeter University championship. I have played for several chess clubs over my 'career', including 'Oktyabrskaya' in Moscow. Upon returning to the UK, I reformed Epsom Chess Club in 2018, turning it into Surrey's fastest-growing club.

I am an analytical teacher with a friendly attitude which tends to suit children very well. Although I like to use examples both from my own games and those of higher-level to help students understand how they can improve, I often prefer to focus on individual elements of the game, such as unleashing the power of 'sleepy pieces'. It is important to start off with simple concepts before introducing other, more complex, elements of the game.



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Please note - the first lesson is at the same rate as the others - I just can't change it on the website.

I tend to charge a nominal travel fee, depending on distance travelled. Local clients will not be charged a travel fee.

Normally I teach students at their homes, but can also do so over Skype.

Please contact me for further details regarding this.


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