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College Student Success; International Professor of Education; Dr. Carol E Miller, EdD

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International Student Interactive Website: (concealed information)

Professor of Seminole State College since 2008 until present; Associate Professor for Valencia College from 2006 - 2014. Teaching College Success/Student Success. effective in college. You will be taught how to set goals, manage time, improve retention of information, take notes, strengthen test taking skills, deal with test anxiety, master stress reduction techniques, think critically, approach problems creatively, communicate more effectively, use the library and other college services, adapt to various instructional styles, understand your own learning style, identify and deal with problems that interfere with your ability to learn, develop an appreciation for diversity and develop appropriate classroom behaviors.

Lesson structure: Lectures, Interactive learning, You-Tube Videos, Critical Thinking Scenarios

Methodology: . The discussions are in the following order: objective of this course, participants, research methodology, data collection and reporting procedures. Qualitative and quantative data will consist of student questionnaires using confidential interviewing formats, and documentation of any directives of the Project Coordinator of the college.Lecture and computer modules and textbook presentations will be analyzed for intended identification of best learning proclivities and objectives.


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About Carol E

Adjunct Associate Professor and Professor since 2006. The number of students taught from both the colleges are approximately 1,000. An inodinate number of students have received an Associate degree, Bachelors degrees, Master degrees and Law School enrollees. Additionally, many students are working in their designated career choice according to their degree attainment.



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