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An Economics and Maths tutor based in London with a degree from Oxford.


I give lessons to students from year 9 up to A level in Economics and Maths. I focus on explaining the subjects in ways which the student will find easy to understand. I am flexible in how I teach, paying close attention to the unique requirements of each student I take on.


I have been tutoring for the last two years. So far I have taught over thirty students. Many of my students have achieved top grades in their exams. For some case studies of some of the students I have taught, please see my CV.


Rate for online lessons : RM175/h
Lessons offered by Martin
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Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Physics
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Secondary
  • SPM
  • Form 6
  • STPM

Martin's CV

Martin De Benito Gellner
67 Siege House, Sidney Street, Aldgate, London, E1 2HQ
(concealed information) (concealed information)5

I’m an intelligent and engaged tutor who has a passion for the subjects I teach as well as a detailed knowledge of the requirements for each of them on different syllabuses (IB as well as A level). I have mostly taught Economics AS and A level, but I am also able to teach Economics for IB, and Maths and Physics for GCSE, A level and IB.

Qualifications and education:
2015-2016 MSc in Social Cognition; University College London
2011-2014 2.1 BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics; University of Oxford
2001-2011 European School Culham
• 83.13% final average grade in the European Baccalaureate
• 89.7% final grade in Mathematics
• 88.2% final grade in English
• 83.8% final grade in French
• 86.4% final grade in History (taken in French)
• 86.9% final grade in Geography (taken in French)
• 92.5% final grade in Philosophy
• 79.5% final grade in Physics
• 84.4% final grade in Laboratory Physics
• 83.8% final grade in Music
2010 Clean UK drivers license
2010 Grade 7 Merit on the Piano (Associated Board)
2007 Grade 8 Distinction on the Cello (Associated Board)

Teaching experience

Economics and Business teaching
04/2017 – Present A level Economics tuition and help with Essay competition and Cambridge entrance preparation
I have been helping a boy who is about to go into A2 with his A level Economics paper and recently I have been helping him write an essay for an Economics essay competition which his mother wanted him to enter. Once this is completed we will begin preparing his personal statement and thinking about other requirement for applying to study Economics at Cambridge.
05/2017 - Present IB Economics Skype tuition
I have been helping a Russian girl over Skype with IB Economics. We have been slowly working through material with some success, however the lessons have been fairly sporadic and she sometimes doesn’t turn up to her lessons.
06/2017 IB Economics (+ advice on Oxford PPE entrance)
I gave two one-hour sessions to a girl who was taking IB Economics. She was an extremely bright girl which made the lessons run very smoothly. She was interested in applying to Oxford for PPE, so I was able to give her some advice on the application process and what it’s like to study this subject.
05/2017 Business and Economics IB tuition
I gave four two-hour sessions to a student who was taking IB Economics and Business. We focused mostly on answering multiple choice questions which he had been given by his teachers.
04/2017 – 06/2017 IB Economics tuition
I gave a series of one-hour weekly lessons to a student who was preparing to take his final IB exams in Economics. The student was very capable and did well in the lessons, and went on to achieve a top grade in his exams despite the papers being quite difficult. He plans to study medicine at university.
05/2017 A2 Economics tuition
I helped a student prepare for his A2 Economics Exam. The student was very intelligent and had a very clear idea of what he wanted to get out of the lesson, which made things run very smoothly. He went on to achieve an A in his exam.
12/2016 – 04/2017 Economics A level tuition
I helped a student with A2 Economics, giving him weekly 1-hour lessons. He is an intelligent boy and already has a fairly decent grasp of most of the central concepts and models. However, he struggles a little with his written communication and organising his knowledge in well-structured arguments when answering exam questions. In recent weeks we have begun focusing on exam technique to try to remedy this.
10/2016 - present Economics IB tutor
I am currently helping a student studying Economics for the IB. The student lives in Switzerland, so our lessons have been held over Skype. This was the first time I had given lessons online, and so this was a new challenge for me which tested my communication and teaching skills. So far most of our lessons have focused on working on his Internal Assessment.
05/2016 – 06/2016 Economics AS level tutor
I gave eight one-and-a-half hour sessions to a girl who was preparing for her Unit 1 and 2 AS level Economics exams. She was a very bright and determined student and had a clear sense of what she wanted to get out of the sessions, which helped things to run very efficiently and smoothly. In the first few sessions we went over each of the points on the syllabus making sure there were no gaps in her knowledge. In the later sessions we focused on answering past exam questions. She ended up getting an A in her Unit 2 exam and a high B for her Unit 1 exam.
March – May 2016 Economics A level tutor
I gave seven two-hour sessions to a girl who was preparing for her final Economics exams in all four units. She had been struggling in school, having achieved an E in one of her mocks, but I witnessed her make rapid improvement in both her confidence and her competence during my sessions with her.
March – April 2016 Economics AS and A level tutor
I gave four one-hour sessions to a girl who was preparing for her Unit 1 (AS) and 3 A level Economics exams. She had missed several weeks of classes at school due to illness, and so needed help to catch up with some of the material. She was very intelligent and competent and had no difficulty at all in grasping the concepts and models when I explained them to her and I could tell from the questions that she asked that she was thinking for herself. She was also keen to discuss the broader policy implications of the ideas we discussed, which made the sessions more fun and interesting. She ended up getting an A in both units.
April 2016 Economics AS level tutor
I gave four intensive one-and-a-half hour sessions to a boy who was preparing for his unit one and two AS level Economics exams. The sessions were held over the course of one week just before he sat the exams, and he had a lot of gaps in his knowledge at the start of the sessions. It was therefore a little rushed and I didn’t have time to cover all the material I would have liked to with him. However, we made the best use of the time we had and he made an effort to complete questions from past papers in between the sessions, which helped us to make some rapid progress on the core parts of the syllabus. He ended up getting a B in both units.

Maths and Physics teaching

06/2017 – 07/2017 Volunteer GCSE Maths assistant teaching in East London comprehensive school
I recently spent a few weeks helping out a year 10 Maths group in a lower set of an East London comprehensive school. I came in twice a week and spent part of my time helping individual students who were struggling and part of the time guiding a group of students through questions they had been set by the teacher.
04/2017 – 06/2017 AS level Maths tuition
I helped an AS Maths student mostly with statistics but also with pure Maths. He is a bright boy but I think he had suffered from poor teaching in school since there were some quite basic things which he didn’t have a proper grasp of. However, he was able to pick up the parts where he was lacking quite quickly and get an acceptable grade on his mock exam. We will continue lessons next term in preparation for his actual exams.
11/2016 – 02/2017 Maths year 9 tutor
I helped a year 9 with her maths, giving her weekly 1-hour lessons. We focused mostly on operations on fractions, different ways of writing numbers, long division and multiplication and basic algebra. She was a very bright girl, and very enjoyable to teach. Originally the plan was to carry on lessons throughout the academic year and to aim to get her into the top set for the following year, but she advanced so quickly that she was able to move into the top set within just a few weeks of teaching and so she no longer needed any more lessons.
11/2016 – 05/2017 Physics AS level tutor
I helped an AS Physics student, giving him 2-hour sessions each week. The student had recently moved to the UK from China, so his English wasn’t completely fluent. His maths ability was good, but he needed help with the more conceptual side of the models (‘getting the right picture in his head’). I focused on encouraging him to always begin by drawing labelled diagrams when answering questions, instead of just jumping straight to the relevant mathematical formulae.
03/2016 – 04/2016 Maths and Physics tutor
I gave seven two-hour physics and maths lessons to a student who was preparing for her GCSEs and five one-and-a-half hour maths sessions to her brother who was in year nine. Both siblings were very bright and attentive, and worked hard in the sessions as well as on the problem sheets I gave them to complete between each class.
06/2012 Maths and Economics Tutor
I gave four one-hour sessions in Maths and Economics to a student who was in danger of failing his European Baccalaureate. The student ended up passing all his exams and gaining a place to study Business and Spanish at the University of East Anglia.

Oxbridge entrance help and help with the TSA

10/2016 – 12/2016 Help with preparation for the TSA and interviews for Economics and Management student
I have recently been helping a girl who is on her gap year and applying to Oxford to study Economics and Management for the second time (she didn’t get in last year). I helped her prepare for the TSA by getting her to complete past papers between each session, and then going over her answers in each session. She did well enough on the TSA to get an interview, so in the last couple of sessions I gave her mock interviews to help her prepare for this. She is currently waiting to hear whether she has gained a place, but I am confident from how she performed in the mock interviews that she has a good chance.
10/2016 Help with preparation for the TSA
During the October half term I gave a few sessions to a girl in year 11 who was applying to a sixth form college which required an entry test which is modelled on the TSA (although the difficulty of questions is adjusted for the younger age group). I got her to complete past TSA papers between each session. Her accuracy in her answers was always high, however she was a little slow at answering to begin with. With practice she quickly became quicker at answering the questions.
12/2014 Help with preparation for interviews for PPE applicants
I gave two 20-minute mock interviews (one politics and economics, one philosophy) to two PPE applicants (separately). All the problems and questions for these interviews were original material prepared entirely by myself. I also helped one of these students with TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) preparation; this included marking and providing criticism for multiple practice essays as well as talking him through techniques for the multiple choice section.

Language skills:
• Fluent in spoken and written English (mother tongue) and French
• Basic level of spoken and written Spanish and German

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