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1st lesson belanja!

1st lesson belanja!

Experienced lecturer and senior examiner for Philosophy, Religious Studies and Dutch from A-level to doctorate

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I have degrees in Philosophy and Modern Dutch Studies, an MA in Art & Cultural Sciences, an MA in European Philosophy, a PhD and a PGCE in Philosophy and Dutch.

If you need help with your A-level Philosophy or Religious Studies or IB Philosophy, I can help you improve your grade by focusing on essays-writing skills and revision techniques. For example, if you are struggling with a particular topic, you may want the key terms and elements broken down further in a PowerPoint. You may be struggling with remembering certain elements of your course so I can go through this with you and find ways of remembering them. I am an experienced examiner with AQA (Philosophy) and IB Philosophy, so I know what is expected of you when doing your Philosophy exam.

I also help undergraduates and postgraduates in structuring and improving contents of assignments and dissertations of a philosophical nature. You may need help in how to structure your project (90% of a good assignment is the structure). You may need help with the actual contents or you may need help in finding the right material to use and how to reference this.

If you want to learn Dutch or want to study Dutch as an A-level, I can help. I teach beginners to advanced Dutch. I am bi-lingual and have lived in The Netherlands and Flanders and have studies Dutch to postgraduate level together with Philosophy.


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About Karen

I have been teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies for 17 years now. I started teaching Philosophy in a Dutch school. I have been teaching A-level Philosophy and Religious Studies at various FE colleges for the past 14 years. I am also a examiner for IB Philosophy and A-level Religious Studies and a senior examiner for Philosophy (AQA). I have written published course companions and exam guides for Philosophy and Religious Studies as well as other publications.

I have been tutoring privately for the past 5 years and have helped A-level students in Philosophy and Religious Studies, students studying Philosophy modules as part of their undergraduate degree programme, students studying Philosophy as an MA and people wanting to learn Dutch. Everyone I have helped, including my students at college, has been extremely happy with what I've helped them achieve.



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