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Accept or refuse a request

Congratulations, a student has sent you a request! Upon receipt of request, you have 48 hours to respond. Superprof informs you by e-mail and SMS. Remember to configure your notifications.

Accept a request
From the messaging system click on “Accept” or directly in the notification (SMS or e-mail) you received.
As soon as you have accepted, you will be able to discuss with the student and organise the first lesson.

A short response time is appreciated by the students. Answer as soon as possible!

Refuse a request
If you are certain that you cannot respond to the student's request, click on “Refuse” from your mailbox. You can leave a personalised refusal message.

Always try to accept, you can always arrange with your future student based on your availability.

Did you accept or refuse a request by mistake? Our team is at your disposal by e-mail at hellomalaysia@superprof.com