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About the lesson

I am a Computer Science student currently studying in Nottingham. I have been a private tutor for the past 4 years, tutoring 4+ year-olds, in numeracy, literacy, IT and even web development. I have a background in IT, Computing, Computer development (software) and web development, as well as basic computer usage. I am able to give lessons to anyone of any age, depending on what it is you want to learn. I am not bound by any specific curriculum, and so I am able to create custom resources to aid your learning in any area of your choice.

My lessons are taught in parts; the introduction to the topic, example, how-to, exercise, and a Q&A and finally extra tasks (as homework)
I believe that everyone can learn anything, as long as the content is given in the right dosage, at their own pace. Education cannot be rushed. Therefore, I tutor in a way which gives the learner time to absorb what is being taught, as well as giving them the chance to attempt analyzing what they understood.

Everyone learns differently at their own pace, in their own style. And so, that is why I prefer to add a few personalized resources and references to match the learner's style and pace.


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About Daryl

I have been giving lessons for the past 4 years. Initially to under 12's in Mathematics, Numeracy, Literacy, and Comprehension. Then 2 years ago, I began tutoring in Computing, web development and computer mathematics/logic to under 16's. Only recently, have I started expanding my student demography to any and every age group.

Over the course of this time, I have tutored over 40 students. All of which have had an increase of over 40% in their grades and performance. Most of the under 12's have had the opportunity to prepare and sit their 11+ with great success!

As for those students who were taught Computer-based topics, 30% have gone on to working in web development agencies, while 60% have gone on to study Computer Science for their A-Levels. The remaining 10% have achieved A-B in GCSE IT, or Distinctions in BTEC IT.



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