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1st lesson belanja!

1st lesson belanja!

Know Sanskrit know India, No Sanskrit no India. A Post-graduate in Sanskrit with good sanskrit knowledge gives lessons at home in Hyderabad.

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About the lesson

I am a Postgraduate in Sanskrit language and i teach sanskrit to the beginners by using various methods such as Grammar translation, task based language learning , community language learning methods e.t.c which i have obtained from my English language teaching.


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About Aditya

I have been an English trainee teacher and the response of my students was tremendous. I've also learnt sanskrit right from my childhood and now i'm going to use best of the techniques that i've learnt in English language teaching to train my students



  • 5h: RM255
  • 10h: RM425

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  • + RMRM2500


  • RM45/h

free lessons

  • 30mins


webcam class - 800rs/hour per student
tuition @ my place - 800rs/hour per student
home tuition - 1100rs/hour per student
5 hours class @ a stretch - 4500/ 5 hours (900rs/ hour)
10 hours class @ a stretch - 7500/10 hours (750rs/hour)
travelling allowances - 2500/ course ( varies and depends on distance and time)

* 10% discount on group classes (min. no. of students - 2)


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