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Maths tutor

She is one if the most amazing teacher for chemistry. Before taking lessons from her, I was a very bad student in chemistry. But when I took lessons from her I managed to obtain A* in my IGCSE O-LEVEL. She is truly dedicated and I would say the best...


Maths tutor

Only a year away from IGCSE, Samiha has helped my daughter to progress from someone who dreaded Maths, lacked confidence and who was almost failing in school exams, to achieving an A for her IGCSE. It was a joy to watch her coming home from the exam...

Allie, 3 weeks ago


Maths tutor

From my personal experience, I can confidently say that Adam's a great teacher who makes math easier to grasp by explaining concepts thoroughly and teaches to suit my ability. At first, I thought I was hopeless with math but I find it less...

Sueann, 3 weeks ago


Maths tutor

Andrew is a very good and dedicated teacher who put a lot of thought into how he present his material.He is very engaging,has a good communication skill and helpful.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking someone to help them in their...

Syuhada, 2 months ago


Maths tutor

He is very passionate in his teaching. He makes sure that the student understands the lesson learnt in the class.

Thelagavathy naidu, 2 months ago


Maths tutor

Andrew is a skilled, professional and understanding tutor. He definitely has a strong grasps of mathematics and is very patient in teaching. He would go over practice questions in detail, and make sure you understand every step. I would definitely...

Cheryl, 2 months ago

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