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1st lesson belanja!

I offer lessons in drawing, painting, dance and music for all levels

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Past students speak:

“It was beyond expectations”

“The teacher corrected my problems in drawing.”

“I am a self conscious novice—she never made me feel concerned about this.”

“The class was very helpful, both individually and as a class. Artists are not always teachers, Susan is a teacher as well as an artist.”

“Sometimes I felt I was below the level required for the class, but Susan immediately showed me what I needed in order to catch up. I felt challenged in a very encouraging, rewarding manner.”

Are you interested in learning how to draw what you see? You can! In this beginner’s class, you will learn to see like an artist, and to develop the kind of hand-eye coordination that accurate drawing requires.

I firmly believe that the most important ingredient in the creative process is a real sense of involvement, for which genuine interest is an absolute prerequisite. Motivation and emotion share the same Latin root: 'movere', which means ‘to move.’ Thus, it all starts with what "moves you.” I consider my primary responsibility as an arts educator to be the active engagement of each student in an individualized approach to their learning of studio arts. In short, it is my job to figure out how best to genuinely motivate them: before, during and after our classroom encounter. There are many concepts and techniques I have to share with all my students, but before this happens, I must forge a reliable connection with each.

After presenting initial problem-solving tasks to entice students, I then engage them in deeper and more meaningful creative learning. Along the way, I explain that we can all learn to draw, mix color and model form, and that we all have different and valuable ideas. I teach them that visual art is a language which all can gain fluency in, and that the processes behind the creation of art involve problem-solving that everyone in the room can and will equally yet uniquely engage in, in my classroom. Drawing is a verb, and the means to any ‘masterpiece’ is through the mindful honing of process. I am a guide on this path of many.

To say I am passionate about teaching the arts would be a gross understatement; I am, without any doubt, an educator at heart. With teaching a priority in my life, a close second is my own creative life as an artist, dancer, and musician. I have been told repeatedly that one of my greatest assets is my emotional intelligence, as demonstrated by my ability to adjust my approach to every student, across a broad range of learning styles.

“The day I learned angular measurement and drawing, I felt I had discovered some secret truth about art.”


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About Susan

I have been teaching for thirty years. I teach primarily visual art, music and dance. The venues in which I have taught include art and nature centers, community education programs, K-12 private, parochial, public, and charter schools (including learning-disabled students and gifted and talented students), bachelor's-granting colleges, associate's-granting colleges, Minneapolis Institute of Art, nursing homes, mental health centers, Women's Art Registry Mentor Program, and Veterans in the Arts, among others.

BFA students have completed their degrees with me, and high school students have prepared portfolios for their BFA applications with me- both at at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and dance and music students have entered competitions and won awards for their performances.

I have taught as many as 50 students at once, I have mentored on on one, and I have worked with every size of group in between. I have taught kindergartners though persons long into their retirement; I have taught novices, professionals and people of all skill level who lie in between. I have taught home-schoolers, on-liners, visual art to visually impaired, music to hearing disabled and dance to physically challenged individuals.



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