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« Perfect! Ashley is an excellent teacher! He has helped me build my confidence... More »
« Perfect! Ashley is an excellent teacher! He has helped me build my confidence and the essentials for acting. His lessons are well structured which allows the me to really think analytically and creatively. Highly recommend Ashley and I look forward to continue working with him! »
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ONLINE CLASS: Award winning writer-director with West End experience offering acting, writing and theatre lessons to all levels.


As outlined above I am equally experienced and happy to teach drama lessons to young children, coach professional actors and lecture students at university level.

My approach is eclectic and is informed by a life time of training and work in the UK and beyond. Whilst the techniques and methodologies I engage with are diverse I do essentially believe the best work is done when there is a commitment to bravery, kindness and generosity. It is my job to model these behaviours in the class and encourage them in the leaners so that they might develop quickly and confidently.

My feedback consistently speaks to my ability to create a safe, inclusive learning environment which responds to the needs of the leaners and allows them to master their inherent creativity. There has always been a synergetic relationship between my work as a writer-director and my work as a teacher. Whilst I am constantly learning new things about my craft in professional rehearsal rooms I never fully trust those lessons until I am able to articulate them to my students. This is when the almost magical must be made robustly practical. When my theories face unexpected questions, when students take ownership of my exercises in their own unique way, that is when my own craft truly evolves. Helping a student unlock their potential helps me unlock my own. Pushing them pushes me. Teaching is a vital force in my creative life and one which I take very seriously and enjoy very thoroughly.

Super tutor

Ashley is one of our best teachers. A high quality profile, verified qualifications, quick response rate and loved by students!


Since completing my training on the prestigious Birkbeck Directors course in 2012 I have worked consistently as both a theatre maker and teacher. After winning the Director’s Guild Award I became an associate director at the Lyric Hammersmith, a staff director at the National Theatre and a resident director in the West End. Outside of the UK I have worked as a writer, director and teacher in Germany, Greece and Spain.

My teaching experience is extensive: As well as facilitating classes for the theatres named above I also continue to work as an acting teacher and director for The National Youth Theatre, StageBox and City Academy. I have worked at other stage schools including Estrellas del Teatro in Spain where I ensured that native and non-native english speakers passed their LAMDA exams with distinction as well as helping students get into a range of UK drama schools.

In addition to coaching students practically for the profession I enjoy working as the adjunct theatre lecturer for Lawrence University, USA (London Campus). This role ensures an ongoing engagement with theatre in a rigorously academic setting and speaks to my ability to teach theatre as practically or theoretically as desired.


Transportation Fee : RM5
Rate for online lessons : RM143/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : RM716
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : RM1431


£25 when you book five lessons in advance.
Otherwise £30 an hour.

Cancellation policy: Refund subject to 24 hours notice.

Lessons offered by Ashley
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Acting
  • Drama School Entrance
  • LAMDA Exams Preparation
  • Playwriting
  • All Levels

Ashley 's CV

Experience Teaching, Training & Facilitating.

2019-Present Acting Tutor. StageBox. London, Leeds & Manchester UK.

2018-Present Teacher & Director. City Academy. London. UK.

2018-Present Adjunct Lecturer. Lawrence University. London UK

2018- Present Associate Artist. National Youth Theatre. London, UK.

2019-2020 Drama Teacher. Nightingale Community Academy. London, UK.

2017-2018 Drama Teacher. Estrellas Theatre. Tenerife, Spain.

2016. Course Leader. Lyrix Organix. Kingston, UK.

2013-2014. Resident Director. National Theatre. London,UK.
(Whilst working as a staff director at the NT I was made the resident director on the West End production of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. Along with my directorial responsibilities I was also in charge of facilitating workshops for students, teaching them about the various aspect of theatre making)

2013. Drama Teacher. Barbara Speake Stage School. London, UK.

2011-12. Resident Director. Lyric Hammersmith. London, UK.
(Whilst at the Lyric Hammersmith I worked with the theatre’s young company, leading workshops and directing shows. I was also responsible for delivering all of the school workshops for the productions on which I worked, details below)

Writing and Directing.

2020 Writer and Director. Getting Nowhere (Short Film)

2020 Writer and Director. Christmas Presence (Online)

2020 Writer and Director. Getting Nowhere (Online)

2020 Writer and Director. Cells. (Online)

2020 Writer and Director. Enid’s Last Dream. (Postponed)

2019 Writer and Director. Metamorphs Courtyard Theatre.

2019 Writer and Director. Red Envy Courtyard Theatre.

2019 Writer and Director. The Epic of Gilgamesh Courtyard Theatre.

2018 Writer and Director. Looking for Lollock. Courtyard Theatre.

2018 Writer Beauty And The Beast. Dir. Mo Sands. Estrellas Theatre. Tenerife, Spain.

2017 Writer Helen. Dir. Andrew Whyment. Squint (Short Film)

2015 Writer. The Queen’s Speech. Dir. Andrew Whyment. Squint and Pleasance theatre.

2014 Writer. Antigone In The UK. Dir. George Rodosthenous. Michael Cacoyiannis Theatre. Athens.

2013-2014 Resident Director. The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night Time. (Simon Stephens) Dir. Marianne Elliot. National Theatre Productions.

2013. Writer and Director. Meri. Lyric Hammersmith (Studio)

2013 Associate Director Gala. Dir. Sean Holmes. Lyric Hammersmith

2012. Associate Director. Morning. (Simon Stephens) Dir Sean Holmes. Lyric Young Company. Lyric Hammersmith; Traverse Theatre.

2012 Assistant Director. The Chair Plays. (Edward Bond) Dir. Edward Bond. Lyric Hammersmith.

2012 Co-Director (with Stef O’Driscoll) Alice By Heart. (Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik) The Lyric Young Company. The Lyric Hammersmith.

2012 Assistant Director. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William Shakespeare) Dir. Sean Holmes. Filter and Lyric Hammersmith.

2012 Writer and Director. The Nymph. The Lyric Hammersmith (Studio)

2011 Assistant Director. Aladdin. (Morgan Lloyd Malcolm & Joel Horwood.) Dir. Steve Marmion. Lyric Hammersmith.

2011 Assistant Director. Saved. (Edward Bond) Dir. Sean Holmes. Lyric Hammersmith.

2010 Writer and Director. Jamie Blake. Edinburgh Fringe.

20 reviews on Ashley
  • 5/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are given in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Perfect! Ashley is an excellent teacher! He has helped me build my confidence and the essentials for acting. His lessons are well structured which allows the me to really think analytically and creatively.
Highly recommend Ashley and I look forward to continue working with him!


Perfect! Really good experience working with Ashley so far.

He's always is able to give a very structured approach to learning topics that can seem hard to penetrate at the beginning.

The structure and detailed insights he is able to bring to every session ensures that you can always see how what you're learning relates to your goals.


Perfect! Brilliant teacher - friendly, of course, and his lessons are always engaging, creative and unique! Ashley is a very talented and understanding teacher, and knowledgeable as well - it’s very interesting to see what exam options I have. He answers every question you ever need answering and his (very fun) teaching methods really do help with the development of your skills. 5/5, highly recommend.


Perfect! Ashley has been such a great tutor these past few weeks and has really helped me with not just my writing and acting, but with my confidence too. We have created a nice bond and i really look forward to my weekly sessions with him.

Scarlett - Oxfordshire

Ashley 's response

Scarlett is a tremendous student and is really engaging with lessons well. Can’t wait to see what she creates in the next few weeks!


Perfect! Ashley is a really supportive and inspiring teacher, who has already taught me so much and we’re only 4 lessons in! Can’t wait to work with him more:)

Ashley 's response

Jasmine is clearly a hardworking and thoughtful actor. I look forward to working with her!


Perfect! Ashley is an amazing acting tutor! Rather than just teaching me what I need to pass an exam , he shows me much more interesting things about drama. 10 /10 would recommend, no matter how good you are, you will always learn something new.

Ashley 's response

Ryan is a wonderful student, incredibly capable and a joy to work with!


Perfect! Really fantastic classes! Ashley has taught me a lot already; including some very helpful techniques for script analyses and monologue prep. He has a lovely approach to teaching, very encouraging and made jumping back into acting much easier than anticipated. Thanks so much for everything so far!

Ashley 's response

Excellent commitment, bravery and creativity thus far. Looking forward to really tackling some monologues!

13 recommendations


I have worked with Ashley for over a year, and he has been an incredible teacher. Ashley is a master in finding an individual approach to you, helping you find and lean into the strength unique to you as an actor and define areas of growth that you can work on together. Highly recommend both if you are just starting out or if you have specific acting goals.


I took part in 2 online productions with Ashley during the pandemic and they really brightened up my lockdown! I looked forward to the sessions every week and always got a boost from his energy. He gave us students lots of creative freedom but was brilliant at maintaining oversight, offering suggestions and bringing the whole thing together to create something we were all really proud of.


I started working with Ashley having already spent a few years as a working actor, and I can’t recommend him highly enough; he has a wide range of experience and his unpretentious approach often simplifies methods made more complicated by teachers who like the sound of their own voice.

I also respect the way he looks out for his students, providing opportunities through his industry connections. If you’re a professional actor looking for some private coaching between jobs you can’t go wrong with Ashley.


Ashley has been a constant throughout the pandemic and beyond. I’ve been taking lessons with him since March after a recommendation from another great tutor. His lessons have given me not only a larger insight of the craft, it helped me master my abilities and most of all boosted my confidence.
His lessons are always different, exciting and very detailed. It’s not plain acting or directing but a deeper study of characters and their needs, an ongoing exploration of every piece I’ve been given to bring me to my best performances.
He’ s also very attentive to your needs as person and not only as an actor and this is an added bonus as sometimes acting may be mentally exhausting.
We plan everything ahead, set goals but also feel free to wander and craft as much as possible and as my creativity and needs demand.
He knows what he’s doing and does it at its best.


Ashley is an incredible teacher. I've had three classes with him and several drop-in sessions and I keep coming back, we all do. He is the best director I have worked with and his skill set is so diverse. He taught me how to act, how to prepare for an audition, how to write a story, a script, how to perform and most importantly how to be a polite human. I love his attitude and will definitely keep working with him again and again.


I’ve learned so much from Ashley about acting, about the industry, and simply about how to be creative. His experience is always shining true and that’s what makes you feel like whatever you work on with Ashley it’s going to be great. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Ashley!


I have worked with Ashley in a professional capacity for a number of years. He is a kind and generous tutor, and exceptionally knowledgeable in his craft. We have also taught at the same institution for a number of years and I can attest to his exemplary teaching style. It is accessible, flexible and understanding of an individual student's requirements, whilst challenging them to deliver to the best of their potential. Would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking to gain skills within the theatre and arts sectors.


Ashley is a monumental figure in my life, especially in terms of my passion and my career path. I worked with Ashley as part of a theatre company under City Academy, in London, after being astray from acting for personal reasons. Ashley led the company with an inspiring level of commitment, a blatantly beating heart for theatre and writing, and a fierce passion for good work! All along, he didn’t hesitate to embrace the company as his friends and was intricately sensitive to each and every one of us as individuals. He takes the time out to check in with every individual he works with and demonstrates an honourable amount of respect for people in general! Again, he is a monumental figure in my life. I will always stand with him, and recommend to any person who wants to develop in the fields he specialises in.


I have been taking classes with Ashley for more than 4 years now, he is the perfect tutor for whoever likes having fun while learning. His classes are engaging in many different levels and, even if you are not an actor but you come from a completely different background, you would never feel out of place with him. I highly recommend him!


Ashley, is a most engaging as well as empathetic tutor who not only ensures his pupils in their understandings but also aids in their growth and development.

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