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[Online] R | RStudio | Python | Anaconda | Jupyter, Big Data | Artificial Intelligence | Sport Analytics | Business Analytics | Statistics | SQL

About the lesson

I can help you to get through your assignments and, at the same time, help you to understand so that you won't feel lost.

# Why are you here?

I know that programming can be really frustrating (I've been through the same feeling you have right now). I spend my first 3 coding years applying the copy-pasting technique. It worked out, some times, but most of them didn't. You believe you've learnt something. But then, you get more confuse because another error suddenly appears and you start thinking you're not a programming person.

Your classmates keep scaling or deadlines are putting pressure and you feel that you won't make it. We all have gone through that.

# How can I help you?

Wether you're looking for someone who can help you to understand and solve the assignments they sent you or prepare an exam, or you want to take off on programming in order to use it in a Thesis or your job, let me tell you that I have got experience with clients from all ages and circumstances.

- Employees from Vodafone, Santander or NHS.
- PhD researchers (Biology, Ecology or Psychology).
- Master Students (Statistics, Actuarial Sciences, Data Science in Finance or Big Data for Sport Analytics).
- Undergraduate Students (Maths, Data & Business Analytics or Business Administration)

# What can I teach you?

- Machine Learning _(Sklearn in Python, `lm(), glm(), kmeans(), prcomp()` in R)_
- Logistic Regression
- Linear Regression
- Random Forest
- Principal Components _(FactoExtra)_
- Cluster Analysis _(KMeans, KNeighbours, etc.)_
- Neural Network with Tensorflow

- Data Wrangling *(Pandas in Python, Dplyr in R)*
- Descriptive Statistics
- Questions such as: "¿Which is the country with tallest people, on average?" `df.groupby('country').mean()['height']`

- Data Visualization *(Matplotlib in Python, GGplot in R)*
- Boxplots
- Scatter Plot (Plot with Points)
- Histograms
- Dashboards _(Shiny in R, Dash in Python)_

- Statistics & Probability
- Find probabilities with respect to a specific distribution, such as:
- Normal Distribution
- Binomial Distribution
- Density Function
- Reply to questions such as: *Following a normal distribution with mean 75 and standard deviation 2.1, ¿which is the probability of finding a person, randomly chosen, that weights less than 72kg?*

- SQL (basic level)

If you've got any doubt, I will be more than happy to assist you. So, don't hesitate on reaching out. I will probably reply quick!

Thanks for reading and have a great time!


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About Jesús

I have been teaching programming for more than 1500 hours to degrees that come from various branches such as biology, business management or physics, among others. On the other hand, I have also been helping professionals who work in companies like Vodafone or Santander. In addition, now I am teaching online classes all over the world thanks to the connectivity that we enjoy today and it allows me to know, to a certain extent, the programming techniques that are being applied throughout the world today.



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