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1st lesson belanja!

1st lesson belanja!

A passionate English teacher who loves seeing her students learning progress and joy

About the lesson

I believe students should be active in the process of learning . I dislike teacher fronted classes and I want students to participate actively in class. Once I’m done giving the base of teaching in class , I put the learning in action and ask everyone to get involved .


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About Elika

I have started teaching in 2002 and realised it will be my career forever . I began teaching kids and then I found joy.
I decided to continue learning about teaching English and I did my Master and PhD Degree in Malaysia . I enjoy learning and teaching different students in various ages .



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  • Hello! An Aspiring future teacher from Johor, Malaysia offering English lessons at home.


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  • A bilingual English teacher with 9 years of experience overseas based in KL. Whatever makes English difficult, I make it as easy as a pie. IELTS preparation too!


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  • English tutor offering English classes to all age groups both locally and internationally.

    Ruth Wang Theen


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    My teaching method is teacher-student interaction. I love to ask questions to make sure students understand the lesson well....

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  • I'm a TESL student offering sessions to elementary and high school students.



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  • I have taught English for many years.. I believe in excellence and reliable.


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  • BEd (Hons) in TESL offering English lessons (10-14 years old) in Ampang.



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  • Experienced teacher teaches English from Preliminary till Upper Primary. Will make you instantly fall in love with the English language.



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  • Biotechnologist-by-training offering English language lessons in the Klang Valley and Klang areas.



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    My teaching method is pretty straightforward. I usually do 15-20 minutes of speaking, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension...

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  • A highly committed and practical professional educator, trainer, assessor and engineer with many years experience mentoring junior engineers and English Language students throughout South East Asia.


    Alor Setar

    A highly committed and practical professional educator, trainer, assessor and engineer with many years experience mentoring...

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  • I'm a Tesl Student, interested in giving and guiding English Language lessons around Kota Kinabalu area. Price is still negotiable

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    My teaching method will be a hands on learning experience. I would also like to discuss beforehand what kind of lessons the...

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  • Language enthusiasts offering English vocabulary lessons from primary to university level students


    Kuala Lumpur

    My teaching methodology would be suggestopedia. This is a behaviourist theory and related to pseudoscience. This method...

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  • Boost up your confidence speaking in English with me then to the world


    Petaling Jaya

    My teaching method is practical. I believe in practice than exam. Songs, movies and books or anything that you prefer as...

    • RM60/h
    • 1hr free
  • English major student offering to teach English up to high school level.


    Batang Berjuntai

    My teaching method is cooperative learning as both the teacher and the students have to be cooperated to perform well. I...

    • RM30/h
    • 1hr free