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STAAR, ACT, SAT reading and writing, MA in English and German from Omsk State Pedagogical University, professional En-Ru translator/interpreter for 23 years. I help students with STAAR, ACT, and SAT r

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About the lesson

Hi, my name is Evgeny. I live in Friendswood, 25 miles south of Houston, TX. I hold a Masters Degree in Linguistics from Omsk State Teachers Training University, teaching English and German. I am a certified teacher of English and German. I taught English for 5 years in a public school. Worked as a language consultant/translator/interpreter for 23 years for major companies such as HP, Sony, Toshiba and Microsoft.

I specialize in tutoring SAT and ACT reading and writing - with 23 years of experience in text analysis, content comprehension, stylistic and literary device recognition, I teach my students 4 rules which help them raise their test scores up to 90%.

1) If you study to remember you will forget. If you study to understand you will remember. Read your texts NOT to answer the questions but to understand them. 2) Read slowly visualizing what you reading in your mind. 3) Check the meaning of all the terms you are not sure about - find synonyms online. Pay attention to every detail of the text. 4) This is an important one! After you have read all the questions, eliminate those that are for sure wrong, then, in your mind, scan the rest of them against EVERY paragraph - does it talk about it or not?

I will be glad to share more of my insights with you. SAT preparation can be fun! And I am sure you will improve your scores.


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About Evgeny

5 years of teaching English in a high school. Tutoring STAAR, ACT and ACT reading and writing in Friendswood, TX and online on a regular basis. If you are struggling with content comprehension, I have developed tests through an online platform which will help you with this and I use a 4-step methodology which helps improve tests scores up to 90%! To date I have tutored 20+ students from various countries. A usual session includes 4 parts: 1) careful reading of a passage 2-3 times, 2) finding synonyms for terms which you are not sure about, 3) eliminating the options which are for sure wrong, 4) scanning the remaining options against each paragraph to see which applies best.

This is a proven method which helped a lot of my students significantly improve their reading skills.
I will also teach you literary/stylistic devises like metaphor, metonymie, alliteration, onomatopoeia, irony, simile etc. so you can see when they are used in the text.

With 23 years of translation experience for such major companies as HP, Toshiba and Microsoft I have an in-depth understanding of text structures, syntax, grammar, style.



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