Translating a text from Russian to English using a sworn professional translator will cost you an average of $0.10 a word. When interpreting by interpreter translators, count around $400 a day ...

So why not learn to translate alone?

A translation service will certainly be better but with a little work and help thanks to translation softwares, you can become an ace of the Russian to English translation. Another reason to learn Russian check out our online Russian course tips.

Here is a comparison of different online translators and tips for translating like a pro.

How to elect the best Russian to English online translation?

Online translators have improved significantly in recent years. And if language teachers advise against or prohibit their use, they'll give you a precise idea of ​​the content of a text.

Translating a text obviously requires some knowledge of the language. Thus, we do not advise you to try to translate a text from English to Russian without having any knowledge of the language. The result may be mixed with misinterpretations.

The quality of online translators is double or quits. Some are made to simply translate word by word, creating sentences made of dubious syntax, while others make a global analysis of the text.

To elect the best online translator, consider two criteria:

  • how easy it is to use: clear, without ads and fast.
  • The quality of translation: taking into account spelling, idiomatic expressions, syntax, phrasal verbs, proper nouns, etc.

If most online translation tools reach an honorable score of 50 to 60% of successful translation of submitted texts, it is Google Translation that takes all the honors with 80% (for most languages).

Nevertheless, if the translators make it possible to sand down the work, they won't replace the human to correct the errors and to retouch sentences sometimes that are sometimes a little wobbly – a least not yet!

Think of Russian videos to progress in vocabulary.

Google Translate: the worldwide leader

How much is does a Russian English translation cost?
The Cyrillic alphabet complicates the translation for an English student.

The best English Russian translator is without any doubt Google Translate. Pure style, simple to use, with clarity but also and above all the best score in terms of translation.

Without being a professional translator, Google Translate relies on a colossal database and crosses thousands of translations to bring you the best.

In addition, Google Translate invites you to give them feedback to improve constantly. The tool is also participative and progresses with the comments of each Internet users.

Several features are quite useful, especially when traveling in Russia for example:

  • The translation from a photo / image: just select the language in which you want to translate the text, highlight this text and Google takes care of the rest,
  • Download and use the Google Translate app to make an instant offline translation,
  • Practice pronunciation with the tool's vocal intelligence.

What's more, it is integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser, allowing website translation into your native language if needed.

Don't forget to read books in Russian to learn vocabulary.

Russian English translator: Reverso, the best in terms of idiomatic expressions

How much does a Russian interpreter cost?
To translate in Russian is also about facing expressions like in English!

Reverso also has very good characteristics and even exceeds Google Translate in terms of translation of idiomatic expressions.

Thus "Мне по барабану" will be correctly translated as "I do not care" by Reverso while Google Translate translate word by word "me on the drum" ...

On the other hand, we'll get back on the site's design, worthy of the years 1990 and on the advertising which occupies a big part of the window. But the translation is good and especially it's free unlike a translation agency.

Here too, the site is collaborative. Each user can leave his opinion on the translation of a text, good or bad, and can add words of vocabulary.

Reverso is also a dictionary, spell checker, conjugation checker and Russian grammar checker. This avoids obvious mistakes commonly made by budding translators.

Also, if several possibilities exist in your translation, Reverso shows you the best one according to the context.

Many websites allow you to learn Russian.

The Russian English translator Babylon: for a translation in a specialized field

Babylon will help you to learn Russian and in particular to enrich your Russian vocabulary and your knowledge of Russian words according to the context. Thus, the tool offers a free translation of specific terms related to specific areas:

  • Technical translation,
  • Legal translation,
  • Medical translation,
  • Marketing Translation,
  • Commercial translation of technical documents, etc.

The online translator Babylon is efficient since it takes into account the context of the text submitted to translation to offer you the best.

Podcasts of Russian can enrich your knowledge of the language.

Online dictionaries

Becoming an English Russian translator requires work.
A Russian keyboard is often available online.

The automatic translation by online translators shows some shortcomings in the language of Dostoevsky. The human presence is indispensable and to translate a Russian text, it is not enough to know the Russian alphabet and to make a literal translation.

An English Russian dictionary is strongly recommended when one is practicing the art of translation in preparation for settling in Saint Petersburg or the choice of profession of Russian interpreter.

If Google Translate, Reverso and Babylon can provide you with some correct elements in Slavic languages, they will not replace the quality and completeness of a Russian English dictionary.

Let's stick with the online dictionaries, to continue in the dematerialization. And then, it still takes much less space than a dictionary in its physical version!

The best in its category, whether in English translation, Spanish French or German French, it is undoubtedly WordReference. It is only available in Russian English or Russian English translation.

The main advantage of this dictionary is the very good translation in context. Thus, if a word has multiple meanings, they will all be given context-based and sometimes expressions in which the word can be used.

If you can't find your happiness (this can happen) among the answers, a forum is also available to ask your questions or find an answer.

For a word-for-word translation from Russian to English, turn to Here again the translation of the word is detailed according to its use in different contexts. As in the example below, the Russian word "drink" also means "saw".

A Russian-English dictionary is indispensable!

How do you say drink in Russian?
Free online translation requires human verification.

6 steps to follow for a good Russian-English translation

In addition to taking a Russian course with a Russian teacher to learn more about Russian culture, before embarking on Russian translation from English head down, there are some steps to follow.

  • Read several times the original text in its source language. Even if you do not understand all of it, it's a good way to understand the general idea,
  • Use the funnel method: from the widest to the most precise. Start by doing a pre-translation while keeping the general tone of the text and then fine-tune as you read,
  • Mark or highlight unknown expressions. With the context, you may not finish understanding them,
  • Avoid anachronisms,
  • Use an online dictionary for the most difficult words if you do not really understand the meaning,
  • Correctly read his translation to identify the errors of conjugation, grammar and syntax during your Russian lessons.

An automatic translator can actually help you at first. But to train and progress, nothing beats working on your own with the least possible use of these great online tools.

Russian-English translation: mistakes to avoid!

Proofreading is indispensable to any good Russian English translation.
For a sworn translation, nothing beats human intervention.

The Russian word processor gives rise to some common mistakes. Here are the pitfalls to avoid:

  • Translating word for word: that goes without saying, the Russian language is complex and has its own expressions, which will not be rendered correctly by doing word for word,
  • Over or under translate: the English text should not say more or less than the original text. You have to be faithful to the original text. A literary translation should give rise to a more sustained tone than a newspaper article translation for example,
  • Make nonsense: write a phrase or sentence that means absolutely nothing. Reread yourself to avoid this,
  • Make a false sense: that is, to confuse one word with another.
  • Make a misinterpretation: that is, translate the opposite of the true meaning of the word. This can be very annoying in a legal or medical context for example,
  • The omission: to forget all or part of a sentence. This can radically change the meaning of the sentence,
  • Spelling, time or syntax errors.

To progress faster in Russian thanks to a Russian language application on your smartphone.


  • Google Translation and Reverso are very good tools for translating from Russian to English.
  • But nothing will replace human verification to guarantee the quality of a translation.
  • With the help of a Russian English dictionary, it is possible with some knowledge of the language to obtain a quasi-professional translation. Provided you do not scribble a few odd nonsense, sub-translation or misinterpretation in your beginner Russian classes.

If want to find a tutor, searching for Russian courses London produces the most results on Superprof but there is a lot more choice if you learn Russian online.

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