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study spm economics

Where to find reference paper for SPM Economics 2023

What Are The Best Books For Notes And Past Year Questions For SPM Economics? So many books, so little time.  This hits home if you are currently preparing for your SPM examination. Before you know it, your brain starts to feel like a pen drive with multiple folders and sub-folders. You get the picture. For […]

31 January 20237 minutes to read

structure of SPM Economics

Format of SPM Economics 2023

What Are The Tested Components For Your SPM Economics Exam? Most students often dream of the day when they can bring their books with them during their examinations. That way, they don't have to memorise everything from A to Z and reduce any instances of random mind blackouts. While there are instances where open-book tests […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

grading method spm economics

Marking scheme SPM Economics 2023

What Is The Grading Method For The SPM Economics Subject? I think we can all agree that 2022 was an eventful year for Malaysia. After a whirlwind election, the 10th Prime Minister was finally appointed. Before you scratch your head as you read this seemingly political news, this historical moment also created a new wave […]

31 January 20237 minutes to read

online studying resources economics

Resources to score SPM Economics 2023

Studying Materials To Ace Your SPM Economics Paper Let's face it. The road to SPM is no joke. It's similar to a boot camp for a battle. Instead of physical weapons, you're fighting with your pens and papers. Let's not forget that some of you are sitting for more 7 subjects. Phew. Like a real […]

31 January 20237 minutes to read

Introducing the Best Baba Nyonya Cuisines

Amazing Baba Nyonya Dishes to Captivate Your Taste Buds Baba Nyonya, Peranakan and Straits Chinese, are the terms used to describe the group of people with an unique culture as a result of intermarriage between the Chinese migrants and the local women, mostly Malay during the British colonial era, forming a new bloodline. Peranakan men […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Awesome Indian Dishes that is Loved By Everyone

What are the Most Popular Indian Dishes? The earliest significant migration of Indians into Malaysia took place in the 19th century under the British reign. Indians were brought in to work in various sectors in Malaysia. Similar to the Chinese, majority of Indians in Malaysia came from the southern regions of India especially Tamil Nadu. […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Famous Chinese Cuisines You Should Try

Delicious & Tasty Chinese Food You Must Try at Least Once Malaysians are fortunate to live in a country that has various races and nationalities who live in peace and respect each other. Living in this multi-racial country, we cannot escape from trying different types of food. Malaysia is a food paradise which has a […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

A Guide to the Most Popular Malay Food

The Best Malay Dishes that You Cannot Miss Malay cuisine is popular not only in Malaysia and the surrounding areas such as Singapore and Indonesia but it is well known across the globe. It was developed under the continuous influence of Indians, Chinese and Middle Easterners who went to Malaysia. The distinguishing features of authentic […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

tvet studies exam

An in-depth guide to Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM)

What's The Pathway For Vocational Studies At Secondary Schools In Malaysia? Are you always looking for something to disassemble during your spare time? Prefer tools over books anytime of the day? Your family and friends' go-to person when something needs fixing?  If you have just said yes to these three questions, it's a huge sign […]

15 June 20227 minutes to read

Form 3 exam students

An in-depth guide to Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (PBD) for lower secondary education in Malaysia

What You Should Know About The PBD For Form 3? With the pandemic happening over the two years, it seemed like we Malaysians have grown accustomed to random press conferences and announcements from the Prime Minister's office. Do you remember the first announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020? What about the shocking […]

15 June 20227 minutes to read

language exam students

An in-depth guide to Ujian Pencapaian Bahasa Asing (UPBA)

What Is The Ujian Pencapaian Bahasa Asing And Who Should Take This? Do you know that bilingual education has been a top priority of the Malaysian Ministry of Education in recent years? Lucky for us Malaysians, the majority of us can speak and write two to three languages fluently due to our mother tongue and […]

15 June 20227 minutes to read

chinese uec schools

An in-depth guide to Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

What Is The Education Pathway For Students Who Sit For UEC? Do you know that the UEC is the only school-based exam qualification in Malaysia that uses simplified Mandarin Chinese as its medium of instruction? The Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) known as 统考 is a pre-university exam that is exclusively taken by students who are […]

15 June 20227 minutes to read

Benefits of Playing Tennis

7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis Tennis is one of the oldest sports to exist till today where its origins can be traced back to the 12th century in France. The game which is played on a court, have standard measurements throughout the world with different surfaces such as clay, grass and hard […]

31 December 20226 minutes to read

The Best Tennis Lessons in Malaysia

Learn & Play Tennis by Taking Lessons There are plenty of reasons why you should pick up tennis. It is a good sport that not only helps you keep fit and healthy but have fun at the same time. One of the best thing about tennis is that anyone can learn how to play irrelevant […]

31 December 20227 minutes to read

Notable Tennis Players of All Time

Who are the Best Tennis Players in History? Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 1 billion followers. Tennis is either played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams consisting of two people on each team (doubles). If you are a beginner who is interested to […]

31 December 20227 minutes to read

A Guide on How to Start Playing Tennis for Beginners

Everything You Need to Know about Learning How to Play Tennis Tennis might seem confusing to those who do not understand how it is played. In order to understand tennis, you must also get to know the tennis rules, scoring system and how to score points. This article will serve as a guide to help […]

31 December 20227 minutes to read

arab letters

Introduction to the Arabic language

What To Know When You're Learning Arabic For The First Time For most of us, the first writing system that we get to learn is either the Roman alphabet from A to Z or basic strokes consisting of horizontal or vertical lines. The world of foreign languages is a wide one, really.  And we are […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

culture arabic language

History of the Arabic language

Understanding The Cultural History And Context Of Arabic Today You have to know the past to understand the present. -Carl Sagan You've probably heard your History teacher saying this quote during your lessons. But this principle generally applies to any field. Whether you are studying Biology, Mathematics, Arts, or French, you are bound to study […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

study arabic methods

Resources to learn the Arab language

Practical and Creative Ways To Study Arabic Effectively What's your preferred studying method when an important examination is approaching? Are you the type that follows a fixed timetable according to chapters? Are you the type that gathers all your revision books and goes through them a week before the big day? Or are you the […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

master Arabic for every step

How to boost learning the Arab language

Methods To Foster Improvement While Studying Arabic I think Malaysians can identify with this. Even though we get to learn more than one language in school, we do not share the same proficiency level for all of them.  Sometimes, it's the middle ground and average comments that make us either too complacent or too discouraged. […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

Watch drums live

How To Listen To Live Percussion?

Be Inspired by The World’s Leading Drummers Every year there are thousands of large and small music concerts where you can listen to the best drum music and see musicians on stage performing. If you are a percussionist or drum lover, there are many gigs out there for you where you can be inspired, amazed, […]

6 January 202312 minutes to read

Learn drums at school

Learn Drums At School!

Why You Should Learn to Play Drums at School Taking classes at a music school is an excellent idea that you should consider if you have the opportunity to do it. With a complete education in music, you will be taught to use a wide variety of instruments and have a working knowledge of how […]

6 January 202313 minutes to read

Free drum lessons for you

How To Take Free Drum Lessons?

Become A Drummer Without Breaking the Bank "Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life."  I couldn’t agree more with this quote by German novelist, Jean Paul. Actually, I would take it a step further and say that music can go beyond just moonlight and also become the stars that illuminate the night sky. […]

6 January 202312 minutes to read

Looking for free drum music

How To Find Free Drum Music?

How To Find Free Sheet Music For The Drums? If you hope to become an established drum soloist one day, it isn't enough to just learn the drum basics. You could be making progress and start to sound good, but you are doing yourself a disservice as a percussionist if you are not ensuring that […]

6 January 202312 minutes to read

Discover Accounting in a Business

The Role of Accounting in a Business Do you think you are aware of everything you need to know about accounting? Are you interested to know more about what is accounting in a business? If you have started pursuing a degree or diploma in accounting, you would have started learning and picking up the necessary […]

30 November 20226 minutes to read

The Basics of Accounting

An Overview of Accounting Accounting is a well known term. Since every organisation will definitely have accountants and accounting is taught in schools, everyone has heard of this term. However, how many of us know what an accountant does day to day and what their line of work entails? If you would like to know what […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

Renowned Accounting Institutes

Which Accounting Institute is for You - ACCA or CIMA? There are many pathways to an accounting career . You have many options to choose from. Since accounting covers such a broad field with many areas to specialise in, it is good for you to research regarding the different certificates and courses available, what is the […]

30 November 20227 minutes to read

A Beginner’s Guide to Accounting

Everything You Need to Know About Accounting Accounting is an information science that is used to collect and organise financial data for organisations and individuals. It is considered as information science because it involves analysing, collecting and organising financial information. Some might think that accounting is boring and unnecessary where it exists only due to […]

30 November 20226 minutes to read

What are the Subjects & Resources Available for SPM & IGCSE?

SPM & IGCSE - Exploring the Subjects & Resources In Malaysia, two of the most popular examinations taken by students before pursuing tertiary education in college or university are the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). SPM and IGCSE are considered to be one of the most crucial examinations […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

SPM or IGCSE: Which is Better Suited for You?

SPM VS IGCSE: What is the Difference? SPM and IGCSE are popular examinations in Malaysia. Students and parents are often unsure on which path they should take: SPM or IGCSE? This is an important decision to make as it is the last examination students take before moving on to tertiary education. Even though SPM and […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Study Pathways After SPM & IGCSE

What Are Your Study Options After SPM & IGCSE? In Malaysia, two of the most popular examinations taken by students at the end of their secondary school education are the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The academic journey does not end there. There are a variety of study […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

The Basics of SPM & IGCSE

An Overview of SPM & IGCSE Education helps children learn critical thinking, exposes them to new ideas, encourages creativity and imagination and plays a vital role in paving the path towards their desired career as an adult. Due to this, parents go to great lengths to ensure that their children receive good education to ensure […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Teach Science

Become a Science tutor

An overview of tutoring Science subjects What do Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Gene Technology, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Hybrid Cars have in common? They are all linked to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The force behind this revolution? The emphasis and constant improvement of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in one's country. The […]

26 September 20217 minutes to read