Do you want to go to university in Germany to learn German language? Are you ready to start studying in Germany as an international student? Not sure which city is the best to study in?

There are almost 2 million students and 320 graduate schools and universities in Germany. How can you possibly find the perfect city to learn about German culture and history while studying?

Here are Superprof’s 5 best ranking student cities. You have to learn German online or at home in the best possible conditions and higher education in Germany is one of the best reasons for living in Germany!

When you think of student cities, you probably think of massive metropolises like Berlin and it’s cultural scene, Hamburg, or Munich and its many prestigious universities but you shouldn’t forget about some of the country’s other charming cities where you can also take a German language course at university.

There are plenty of scholarships for gifted students and plenty of the best universities in Germany rate highly in the World University Rankings. However, don't worry if you're not funded since the tuition fees for almost every German language course is lower than what you'd pay in the British education system.

You don't need to study German as your main subject, either. Whether you're focusing on natural science, social science, applied science, computer science or the humanities or studying a master's or a doctorate, you can always be learning German as an option or in evening classes. You can do courses in almost any subject at an interdisciplinary technical university in Deutschland.

Furthermore, since Germany is in the European Union, you currently don't require a residence permit or a student visa to study there. However, there are certain admission requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses including having a certain level of German.

You can prove your language skills by taking an exam from the Goethe Institut that offers a good number of internationally recognised qualifications for anyone interested in international study in both private or public universities in Germany such as the TestDaF, Goethe-Zertifikat.

In this article, we're showing you the top universities, not solely in terms of university ranking, the tuition fee, and the prospective, but also the town the uni is in. After all, there's little point in being enrolled at an international university if you don't like the town it's in very much.

The Historic University town of Constance/Konstanz

Constance/Konstanz is a small German university town on its namesake lake.

It’s geographical location by Switzerland makes it an interesting place for students as they can easily visit the neighbouring country.

Which is the best city to study in Germany?
Konstanz sits atop its namesake lake. (Source:

Why is Konstanz so popular among European students? Firstly, it’s geographical location. As we said, it’s right by Switzerland and offers a multitude of sporting and cultural activities and language courses.

A University Blending Tradition and Modernism

The modern university is often listed among Germany’s 10 most prestigious universities. Check out a few German expressions to get you started in Konstanz!

The professors call it “Little Harvard on the Lake” and its location is part of its charm. The idea of studying German in a small community with accessible professors on a multidisciplinary campus seems ideal for teaching.

Isn’t German a really difficult language?

The university’s hall is an extension of the German classrooms where everyone can chat over a coffee after handing in some work.

How can I learn German in Germany?
In Konstanz, you'll want to study. (Source:

An Undeniable Cultural Attraction

For any prospective student, Constance/Konstanz has an incredible infrastructure.

For students wanting to get involved with the local culture, there are regularly cultural music and theatre events, film and jazz festivals, and literary readings, not to mention the many cafés and bars.

Constance/Konstanz is the perfect destination for immersing yourself in German culture and boosting your German speaking skills.

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Tübingen might appear to be your typical German student town at first. However... there's so much to discover in this popular student town.

Travelling Through Time

The students in Tübingen love the medieval architecture in the old town, the castle, the steep stairs, narrow streets, and gabled houses and the peaceful safe haven they provide. When you go to Tübingen, it’s like you’ve travelled through time.

Tübingen's medieval centre is alive with local merchants and students congregating giving the town it’s distinctive way of life.

The small shops, cafés, wine cellars, restaurants, and bars teem with students in Tübingen. It’s the perfect place to wander around or to just relax in a square while you discover German on your iPad or smartphone.

A Renowned University

With nearly 29,000 students living in Tübingen, there’s always something interesting happening. You’re bound to learn a few interesting German expressions from them!

Tübingen is one of Germany’s oldest university towns. The university itself was founded in the second half of the 15th century and has been known as a home to teaching natural sciences, medicine, and philosophy ever since.

Some big names have studied at Tübingen: the astronomer Kepler, the former Pope Benedict XVI, and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard who was the Nobel Prize winner for physiology and medicine for her work on embryonic development.

The Historic Town of Göttingen

The town is in Lower Saxony, 100km south of Hannover, is home to 130,000 people and 30,000 students. Göttingen is one of the country’s largest student towns.

A Fantastic Town for Students

With all its cheap clubs, cafés, bars, and restaurants, this town is built for students.

There is also plenty of student accommodation in Göttingen since regular accommodation can be very pricey. While the prices aren’t that expensive in comparison to some places in London, they can be too high for most students.

The bus network is great and the town is well connected.

A Public University Dedicated to Research

This is why the university in Göttingen is so popular. In fact, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is renowned for its work in the field of mathematics.

Research has always been an important part of the university and the diversity of the subjects covered in terms of human sciences and its high-quality infrastructure have made it a popular place for students wanting to study in Germany.

Of the 30,000 students at the university, 11% are foreign (particularly from China, Poland, and Turkey).

There are plenty of different disciplines being taught including: life sciences, human sciences, biology, psychology, environmental sciences, forestry, geography, physics, IT, law, economic sciences, and theology.

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The Traditional Town of Heidelberg

You’re probably not going to be partying every day in this town but that doesn’t mean you won’t find friendly students from all over the world.

A Town where Life is Good

Most people spend their time in the old town between Bismarckplatz and the Church of the Holy Spirit.

The historic centre of the old town with its bars, café, theatre, cinemas, and cultural festivals is great for wandering around and learning about German culture. It’s the kind of place you won’t want to leave...

A University that Students Love

Heidelberg University is one of Germany’s oldest universities but the students also love it. In addition to degrees and doctorates, there are several different ways to learn.

Which is the best German town to learn German?
Heidelberg mixes tradition and modernity. (Source: Roman Kraft)

There are plenty of extracurricular activities at Heidelberg: politics, culture, sport, choir, orchestra, German courses, discussion.

It’s theatre group has become rather cult over the years where only non-native speakers of German can perform.

Bonn, the 5th Excellent Student Town

The Festive Town of Bonn

A student town has to be a place where life’s good complete with plenty of “extracurricular” activities and a university that provides a high quality of teaching.

Bonn makes the grade and that’s why its one of Germany’s top 5 Student Towns.

It’s a living museum with its Princes Electors of Cologne residence which was visited by tonnes of famous people including the composer Beethoven.

The former capital of West Germany, Bonn, teems with history, monuments, and museums for German culture.

It’s also famous for its festive side and student lifestyle complete with affordable bars and nightclubs.

The student residences even have their own bars and regularly put on events that all students, including Erasmus students, will love.

A Varied University

If you ask somebody in Bonn where the university is, it’s likely they’ll say “it depends”.

Why? The 200-year-old university isn't really like that. It’s made up of 350 building across the city including 2 castles, museums, hospitals, and villas.

Where are the best places to go in Germany?
Hitting the books is a pleasure in Bonn. (Source:

Wouldn’t you like to study not just in a building but across the city? You’ll no longer feel like you’re having German lessons, you’ll feel like you’re discovering German history and culture while travelling around and discovering it. This is something you can only get in Bonn.

In addition to these top student towns, Superprof also recommends thinking about studying German degree courses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Bremen, and Stuttgart too! Learn about the German work mentality if you're staying in Germany.

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