"You may have the universe if I can have Italy." -Giuseppe Verdi

A fascination with the breathtaking boot-shaped nation known as Italy has transcended throughout centuries. Sometimes it seems as if there is nothing wrong with Italian culture. The food is mind-blowing, the architecture is beyond beautiful, the landscape is romantic and elegant, and the native tongue of Italians drips with sensuality.

You've guessed it, I absolutely adore Italy! 

For me, and I know I'm not alone on this, it is much to easy to talk about the greatness of Italy and how fantastic it is to learn more about the country that has created artists such as Enzo Ferrari, Michelangelo, and Donatella Versace.

Therefore, it goes without mentioning that to learn more about a culture, the best way to dive in entirely is by learning the language. So, to deeply understand the beauty and magnificent nuances of Italian culture, it is best to learn Italian ASAP!

In today's article, we shall consider how dedicated Italian language beginners can skillfully transition to becoming intermediate students. Let the learning begin!

Take Advantage of Alternative Learning Resources When Studying Italian

When learning a new language such as Italian, you will hear a lot of advice from well-intentioned individuals who sincerely want the best for you. Still, it can be not very clear to receive too many suggestions.

What can I trust in?

finding online resources
Online resources such as Italki, Busuu, and Preply have helped thousands of people learn Italian. (Source: Unsplash)

While many may tell you to consider studying Italian with industry giants such as Duolingo and Babbel, there are so many more resources that deserve consideration. In no way are we knocking the use of well-known language learning apps, I use a lot of them. Instead, we want to encourage Italian pupils to sift through the big names and utilise hidden gems. Such as?

Let us consider three alternative learning resources to master Italian in no time.


Do you like flashcards and ingenious methods to grasp new words in a foreign language? Anki is your solution! Known as the best program on the internet to make learning new concepts easy, Anki has and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide to clench onto concepts such as the following:

  • Foreign languages like Italian,
  • Studying for massive Uni exams in subjects such as law, education, or medicine,
  • Memorising people's faces and their names,
  • Learning geographic locations and historical events,
  • Practising chords on the guitar and the scales on the piano, etc.

Anki is beloved by users since it uses alternative methods to reduce study time and significantly increase the amount of information learnt no matter the topic in question.

Italian language beginners enjoy Anki because they can practice verbs, vocabulary, and other grammar concepts by using customised and flexible flashcards.


Are you short on time but full of passion for learning new languages? Do you only have 10 minutes a day to acquire the basics of a foreign tongue? If so, look no further than Busuu.

Busuu is a fantastic language-learning resource that features two excellent language courses to fit your every need: Complete Italian and Italian for Travel. 

We powerfully suggest starting with the Complete Italian course that features short lessons about how to read, talk, and write in Italian. The vocabulary, grammar, reading, and pronunciation courses featured on the Busuu lessons help Italian beginners go from beginner to intermediate while only studying 10 minutes a day.

Busuu offers the following tips to become fluent in Italian:

  • Start with 10 minutes per day,
  • Track your progress,
  • Make lots of mistakes.

Start practising free of charge with Busuu today!

Talk with a Native Speaker of Italian

Several apps offer Italian language learners the chance to talk with native speakers of Italian, among them:


Do you want to practice your Italian speaking skills with a native but don't have the budget to hire a tutor? Have no fear; Tandem is here!

By downloading the Tandem app on the App and Google Play Store, Italian learners who speak English can offer language exchange classes with native speakers from Italy. At what cost? Free! Users can chat with native speakers using options such as chat, video, correction, and translate.

Also, learning Italian on Tandem is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Join the community by creating a free account with your email,
  2. Select a language exchange partner that meets your specifications,
  3. Start talking using voice notes, audio, and phone calls.

It is important to remember that Tandem is not a dating app; it's a language learning resource; so, don't treat it like Tinder!

Search for the best Italian lessons here.

you may have Italy
Do you want to wander the streets of Italy being fully fluent in Italian? (Source: Unsplash)


When I first started teaching English over five years ago, the first website I started with/applied for was Italki. Why? Because according to friends who had experience working with Italki, they were one of the best language learning resources in the industry. Were they right? I sure think so!

Italki has gained a reputation for being an instructive website that features more than 10,000 tutors offering one-on-one courses.  

There are currently more than 400 Italian tutors on the Italki site helping Italian students reach their goals and go from beginner to intermediate student with relative ease. Students love Italki for its customised learning, pay per lesson, and the ability to take classes anywhere at any time.

If you aren't convinced, take a look at the glowing testimonials from past students.


As a satisfied user of Preply, I highly recommend using Preply to hone Italian skills and finally go from a beginner to an intermediate student. How does it work? Well, for starters, it is essential to state that Preply is a website that connects language learners with professional teachers that have experience teaching the language in question.

Some of the benefits of learning with Preply include the following:

  • Expert tutors with years of experience,
  • Verified profiles that lead to guaranteed success,
  • Learn anytime at a time and place most convenient for you,
  • Prices that won't break the bank!

According to the Preply site, there are currently 299 Italian tutors, native and non-native, that boast lovely reviews from satisfied students. Also, another fantastic thing about Preply is that you can post an ad with what you need and how much you are willing to pay and tutors will find you; are you listening, lazybones?

Also, Preply offers a well-designed programming system and, the best of all, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 

While I will admit that the Superprof tutors are the best in the business, Preply is a close second when learning a foreign tongue like Italian!

What else can help beginners reach an intermediate level when acquiring fluency in Italian? Having fun! Read the following subheading to find out more.

Check for online Italian courses on Superprof.

Make Learning Italian a Blissfully Fun Experience

cooking lessons
Youtube channels that help Italian learners to cook new recipes are greatly suggested. (Source: Unsplash)

"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget." -Alfred Mercier

It goes without saying that when students acquire information in a fun, dynamic, and engaging manner, they will treasure their learning experiences and remember the concepts more clearly.

Also, since we are living in the age of technology with the information on our screens occupying our attention more than the interchanges we have between humans, learning a new language needs to be done quickly, interactively, and without the use of old textbooks.

Making language learning fun is especially crucial for Millennials and Generation Z. 

But what are some ways to go up a level in Italian acquisition while making it entertaining at the same time? The following list features some fantastic suggestions:

  • Cook Italian: are pasta, tiramisu, and pizza some of your favourite foods on the planet? If so, you're not alone. But, did you know that cooking these foods following recipes written in Italian can improve your overall fluency of the language? We didn't think so! Take the time to research and find an online Italian food blog to follow recipes and watch videos of Italian chefs cooking up their favourite dishes. Also, we highly recommend using a Youtube channel that features an Italian chef following recipes step-by-step. Why? The vocabulary is detailed, specific, and precise. Who knew learning Italian could be so delicious!
  • Change Your Phone's Language: becoming a better Italian speaker means submerging yourself in the culture and language; how can that be done? By changing the interface language of your phone to Italian; this dramatically improves comprehension and prevents you from paying big bucks to move to Italy. Changing your phone's language is highly recommended for beginners who want to learn the specific vocabulary.
  • Listen to Italian Music and TV Shows: it might sound quite unbelievable, but to become a better Italian speaker, a lot of listening to music and watching television programmes in Italian is required; sign me up! By frequently listening to Boccelii and Pavarotti, a beginner gets accustomed to the accent, sounds, and nuances of the Italian language. Also, it is much suggested to listen to television shows with Italian subtitles to understand vocabulary and expressions better.

Who knew, becoming fluent in Italian doesn't have to be done using boring methods from the past such as repetition, memorisation, and the usage of old textbooks!

In conclusion, dear Italian learners, do not give up but keep persisting in becoming an expert in the language of the Romans. We sincerely hope that the advice in today's article will make you go from beginner to intermediate student in no time!

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