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  • Hourly rate RM168
  • Response Time 1h
  • Number of students 2
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Adapted to suit your needs this is absent healing at its best.

About the lesson

The session would firstly be about me listening to you and perhaps to establish areas to work with.

Setting up the connection and the healing space.
Closing all to safe level and disengaging on all levels.
Grounding and mutual feedback.
Preparation of flower remedies, candles, alternative medicines further healing, can be discussed on request.
Written summary of findings and recommendations sent to you from the session that same day.

The is approximate only as sometime the chatting session may be longer. The healing can be adapted to suit and is all inclusive. The 15 mins feedback at the end is essential though and can be designed so that I can write up the feedback report and send it while you are relaxing/grounding.


  • Reiki


  • English


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

About Claire

I am trained to 3rd degree Master in REIKI and have practiced alternative healing and spiritual practice for as long as I can remember. This is the first time that I have set up an online practice however I have had excellent feedback and results from people that I have channeled healing with.

I like the idea that Reiki is all encompassing and does not contain itself within as set belief system and so is accessible to all.

I have a genuine passion to assist people and only charge as it is part of my livelihood and self worth.



  • 5h: RM840
  • 10h: RM1680


  • RM168/h

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