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Stuck at home? Continue learning with online classes via webcam

The best solution for distance learning

As "physical" lessons are impossible during quarantine, webcam lessons have become the best alternative in continuing to learn. Take a look at our verified profiles of carefully selected private tutors. Book an online course and get an answer in less than 1 hour. 98% of our teachers offer the first hour of lessons for free in order to assess your level and set your goals.

Interactive support

Your teacher may choose a number of tools to allow you both to communicate remotely.

  • Google Education for tutoring
  • Skype for language lessons or music lessons (guitar for example)
  • Discord for computer initiation or advanced code courses
  • Slack for homework help

Save money

Distance learning avoids taking transport (and its associated cost) and allows for greater flexibility time-wise. On average (studies on 250,000 ads), online lessons are 20% less expensive than traditional "physical" courses. Here are some average prices for 1 hour of online courses by subject:

  • Mathematics: RM50
  • School support: RM40
  • Sports Coaching: RM80
  • English: RM48
Teachers can also offer or agree to a reduced price for groups (2 classmates or siblings for example).

Take advantage of quarantine to learn something new

The current situation (induced by COVID-19) is an opportunity for many to:

  • prepare for their exams serenely at home
  • start a new hobby
  • get back in shape with an online personal trainer
  • or take stock of your studies with a academic coach

How to get the most out of your online learning