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The average price of Piano  lessons is RM96.

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97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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Piano Lessons near me in Malaysia

Are you into the piano? Believe it, music is a highly demanded field to position you as a graduated professional musician in Malaysia. Malaysia offers Bachelor in Music in a few prominent universities such as Lim Kok Wing University, Sunway University, University Malaya, Universiti Sarawak, and many more! The level will vary based on degree; Bachelor’s for 3 years, Master’s for 1-2 years, and Doctoral for 1-2 years.

The major music fields offered in Malaysia are, sound engineering and music production, music technology, music education, musicology, and music therapy. A music degree in Malaysia does not guarantee employment in the profession; however, it may put you ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive sector. Passion and drive, as well as a music degree, are required.

Speaking of recruiters or music firms in Malaysia, the top firms that are highly in need of musicians are Astro Malaysia, Yamaha, Universal Music Group, Euro Music, and many more. In fact, you could pursue your ambition by composing songs for singles on Youtube. There are so many stars that started with Youtube.

Nowadays, people are now very attentive to music, and we need more local talents to present. According to Payscale, the estimated salary for a piano music teacher starts from MYR 45,000 to MYR 80,000 per year, if you are into producing music for an industry, your range can go up to MYR 65,000 to MYR 112,000 per year.

Piano lessons in Malaysia

If you are surveying for the cost fee for piano lessons in Malaysia, the average for beginners is MYR 165 – MYR 200 for 30 minutes piano lessons per week in Yamaha Malaysia. Elementary to advance level can go up to MYR 200 and above per month for the exact durations.

You'll get a lot of value from a 30-minute piano lesson, no matter what. Teachers can afford to educate more pupils and maintain their prices reasonable since these brief sessions are affordable for many individuals. But in Superprof, you can get more than 30 minutes per lesson, and it is a one-to-one class. Doesn’t it sound good? Yes, indeed.

Clients will pay a certain amount for a service. It's not uncommon for piano lessons in the city to be more expensive than they are in the suburbs. When residents in the city have better earnings, they may be ready to pay higher costs. But in Superprof, it is your call to search for your online or physical tutor based on the cost fees offered, as the prices vary based on tutors.

Take piano lessons with Superprof

Do not worry if you do not have any pieces of knowledge in music. If you have the passion, anything is possible. You may learn at the beginning with proper guidance at Superprof.

Starting off, you will learn the basics of music and piano playing, such as reading the notes and identifying the symbols of the keys. Superprof offers you physical and online piano lessons with a list of online pianist tutors.

What can Superprof offer compared to other online or physical piano lessons? Firstly, Superprof delivers the class based on the student's preferable time and duration. Students can negotiate with tutors for a flexible schedule and besides, this is a one-to-one class. The attention will go solely to the student. An efficient piano lesson will be achieved, no matter what!

Lastly, students are given a chance to look for their own tutor based on the listing in Superprof webpage. Students are open to evaluate the tutor’s performance for the first trial class, whether to subscribe for the piano lesson or the other way around. Students can also view the testimonials left by the previous students on the lesson performance so you can choose a suitable and perfect tutor for themself.

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