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Study Mathematics in Malaysia

Some people have the mindset that Math is easy because they can use a calculator instead of their brain. What’s the fuss when the calculator can calculate faster, right?

Oh dear, this is the typical recipe for disaster! Math is not a subject to be taken lightly. 

If it is a piece of cake, why do so many students fail their Math test? Math is not that easy. It is not just a punch on the calculator and getting the answer right. Math requires knowledge and understanding of the situation. A wrong punch gives the wrong answer! Hence, 100% trust on the calculator is not a good idea. 

A study was made in 2005, where students were asked to name a school subject that they considered to be the most difficult and as expected, mathematics came out on top of the chart. 

But what makes Mathematics a difficult subject?

  • Math requires attention to detail with a lot of patience and resistance.
  • Solving a math equation takes time and energy. A lot of practice is needed.
  • Shaky foundation, hence moving on to a new topic is becoming a lot more difficult.
  • Students find math as unrelatable to life.
  • Memorizing instead of understanding.
  • Teachers’ way of delivering the subject. An enjoyable class is easier and engaging for students to accept than a plain boring textbook style.
  • Too many exposures from seniors saying how hard math are that the mind-set stuck in student’s head.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of students and individuals needing help in Math. Hence, that is why parents go through lengths to find the best help for their children’s math – tuition centres!

Math’s fundamental and there are no better ways than having a one-to-one learning with a teacher. 

One of the best one-to-one learning is through online classes with Superprof. Superprof is an online learning website providing a lot of experienced and qualified tutors for various subjects. 

Here at Superprof, affordable rates are offered as low as RM40 and trial class is available whereby the first class is free! Hence, the students can request for a change of tutor until they find the one that fits.

Having a good math tutor really helps a lot but do you know that tutors only help in the fundamental, but mastering Math requiring the students’ own effort. As what people say, student’s success needs 80% of their own effort and the remaining 20% are from the classroom.

3 steps in mastering Math at student’s own effort:

  1. Do a lot of math exercises.

Practice makes perfect. Buy math exercises from a bookstore and discipline yourself to finish a minimum of 3 to 5 pages daily without looking at the answer sheet. Once finished with the book, you can repeat the same question as to see if you finally having the grasp of it. Apart from that, students can also download math applications on your mobile devices and start doing exercises from there. 

  1. Never skip tuition and math classes.

Attending classes teaches you responsibility and helps you to finish the syllabus with a teacher’s guidance. Not only to attend class, but student also must pay attention during the class. Stay focused and do not let your mind be swayed off during class. Teachers might give a lot of tips and skills during this time and you do not want to miss it.

  1. Practice a lot with past year exam papers.

Past year exam papers are easily accessible in the library, online, and bookstore. Learning from past year exams helps the students understand the style of Malaysia’s common examination. With the given answer sheets, students can study well on the calculations that gives more points, hence scoring the paper.

  1. Have a study group.

Research has shown that having a group of friends and discussing a problem together can generally learn faster than working alone. Find a few friends that have the common objective and learn from each other. However, be mindful when it comes to study groups. Do not spend too much time talking or doing non-mathematical activities! Students do easily get distracted by their peers.

Do not have a study mate? Get yourself a tutor instead through us in Superprof!

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