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Singing Lessons in Malaysia: History of Singing in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that appreciates good music. You can see many new and talented singers popping everyday in Malaysia. If you go to online sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, many Malaysian singers are actively posting their music covers as a way to make themselves known in the musical industry.

Take Tasha Manshahar as an example. She began her YouTube career by posting cover versions of other artists' songs and managed to gain a lot of followers in her social media account, thus making herself known in the eyes of Malaysia. Moreover, Malaysia is known to host popular singing competitions and shows which birthed many famous singers that we know today.

Dubbed as the Celine Dion and the Voice of Asia, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza was once involved in the local singing competition as well which garnered her reputation on the international stage.

As a teenager, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza won the Bintang HMI singing competition on Radio Television Malaysia's airwaves in April of that year. It was her award-winning track "Jerat Percintaan" that made her a star in the musical world. With an amazing control and usage of her vocal cords in addition to her powerful and melodious voice, Dato’ Siti performed effectively in a variety of genres, including pop soft rock, R&B, Nasyid, Balada, and dance-pop, proving her versatility in singing.

Singing Career in Malaysia

A singing career has a bright future, right? As it turns out, Malaysians love to sing too. But how do you want to pursue your singing dream to be a real career? Many universities in Malaysia offer the course for music degree such as Sunway University, Lim Kok Wing University, UNIMAS, and many more!

Be a vocal teacher. If you have the passion in teaching, you can opt to become a vocal teacher. Any music program that offers a bachelor's degree will qualify you as a voice instructor, as it is the first requirement. It is possible to work in a private school or in another type of educational institution.

In addition, you may teach your own individual lessons. Set up a mini-studio at your workplace or home with the necessary equipment and you’re good to go! Private singing classes may be an option for you, plus it is more flexible. At the same time, you can focus your time on other things such as working on your singing career by covering songs or singles.

Creating a personal brand on social media is crucial in getting noticed. Creating a personal brand that doesn't match your beliefs will come out as forced and unauthentic. As an alternative, focus on your unique characteristics and strengthen them – make them more special. Audiences are drawn to you because of your originality and enthusiasm for singing. It will make you more attractive to other talent recruiters who may want to hire you.

Tips for improving singing skill

Start at a young age. A few people are born with the ability to sing; others have a raw but flexible gift that has to be fostered and developed over the course of a lifetime. The finest outcomes come from nurturing this skill from a young age, no matter where you sit on the spectrum.

Do not settle for less than the best. Consider the following before hiring a professional to assist you improve your skills. Singing tutors from Superprof may help you achieve your goals and objectives by teaching and guiding you constantly.

Self Motivation. Even the finest singers have to put in many hours of practice, recording demos, dealing with agents, going on innumerable auditions, and listening to feedback and critique in order to get better at their art. Being a professional singer is not for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot of guts to succeed in this line of work.

Self-control. As a singer, you need a high level of discipline. Working with vocal teachers, practicing and learning how to care for your own voice as an instrument are all part of this process. They must have the dedication and discipline necessary to follow a strict training regimen.

Interactive to audiences. Singing and performing in front of a crowd requires charisma and the ability to act in front of an audience. This is especially true when it comes to going on auditions, interacting with music producers and trying to pitch oneself as a credible musician.

Where to learn singing in Malaysia

Superprof offers one-on-one singing lessons either offline or online. What makes Superprof different is that it is adaptable in many ways, including the trial lessons, variable schedules, pricing ranges, and evaluations of singing classes are displayed for transparency and comparison.

In Superprof, there is no registration fee and no deposit required for the singing enrolment. In addition, the costs aren't set in stone. Does your budget allow you to begin with Superprof? A set period of courses at Dream World Music Studio might cost MYR 180 per month, while at Superprof it's the exact opposite.

Remember, the will to succeed is the strongest motivator to get started right away. Enrol in Superprof now!

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