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Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

Great, patient, assuring and affirming my progress. Good in managing time and progression. Also know how to crack a few jokes. Really help a lot in mentoring me writing my thesis.


Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

Only a year away from IGCSE, Samiha has helped my daughter to progress from someone who dreaded Maths, lacked confidence and who was almost failing in school exams, to achieving an A for her IGCSE. It was a joy to watch her coming home from the exam...

Allie, 1 month ago


Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

I've done two classes so far with Anshika, and would hope to do many more in the future. Anshika is a great tutor and so patient. Her classes are tough enough to give you a good challenge and workout, while also being incredibly relaxing and...

Sandra, 1 month ago


Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

Lim definitely have a strong understanding of programming and is very talented. He is also patient to help you explain concepts if you don't understand. I would definitely recommend him as a Python tutor if you are looking to start from the basics....

Cheryl, 2 months ago


Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

Andrew is a skilled, professional and understanding tutor. He definitely has a strong grasps of mathematics and is very patient in teaching. He would go over practice questions in detail, and make sure you understand every step. I would definitely...

Cheryl, 2 months ago


Tutor of Kuala Lumpur

Great Tutor! Definitely would recommend. Helpful in C, C++, Python. The lecturer is fun and encourages students to want to learn more. Useful session.

Chelsea, 2 months ago


💰What is the average price of private lessons?

The average price of private lessons is RM52.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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From a sample of 192  tutors, students rated their tutors 5.0 out 5.

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