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💸 How costly is a private English teacher per hour in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas?

In Kuala Lumpur, English tutors charge on average RM50 for English lessons.


Tutoring rates for English lessons will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your teacher
  • where your lessons will be held (online or the student's place)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • what you are covering in your lessons (exam prep, critical thinking, or creative writing for example.)
  • the objective of your classes (are you learning English for fun, or are you studying for SPM or PT3 exams?)

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On Superprof, we have a number of highly skilled English tutors available to give private tuition.


An English tutor can help you with many things:

  • SPM, PT3, IGCSE, IB kevel exam prep and past papers
  • Mastering English grammar rules
  • Essay writing or fiction writing
  • Critical analysis
  • Giving strategies to help you with your work
  • Reading and textual analysis
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to grow confidence in your abilities.

You can discuss with your teacher what you wish to accomplish from your private English classes.


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On Superprof, many of our English tutors also offer online tuition. About 80% of teachers give english lessons online.


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Online classes via Skype offer you more benefits in terms of flexibility and are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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From a sample of 80 teachers, students rated their English teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.


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English in Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur, the Garden City of Lights

Ranked 11th among cities with the strongest economic influence in the World, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, known by many as the city with the fastest modernisation of all times. It is widely recognised for its staple skyscraper, KLCC, a twin tower stretching 88 floors upwards, one tower built by a Japanese company whilst another built by the Korean. This twin tower hence has the deep purpose of signifying the relationship of the nation between these two countries, as well as between Japan and Korea themselves who by history were clashing for centuries.

How English arrives to Malaysia

The arrival of the British in Malaysia was back in the year 1786 a settlement was established in Penang by Sir Francis Light. Development to make a free port is done to compete with the Dutch that’s controlling Malacca at the time. Formally, the British made Malaysia their colony in the year 1867.

Ever since, English-medium schools were established alongside Tamil, Chinese and Malay schools. In 1957, it was reported that around 6% of the population were literate in the language. During the time, English was the dominant language for Non-European elites.

In 1967, English was no longer considered to be the official language of the nation but instead, Malay. Nonetheless, English is still retained as the compulsory second language. In 1969, it was decided that all English-medium schools were to become Malay-medium.

English in a Malaysian Life

Most Malaysians these days can speak English and understand it, however in a calculated sense, English speakers make up around 60% of the total population. Throughout Malaysia, English is most commonly spoken in major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang and lesser in rural areas.

Meanwhile, the distribution by age shows that younger people tend to have a higher English proficiency compared to the older ones. As for job sectors, those with professional jobs would have a good level of English skill, especially international companies. Hotels and restaurants in urban centres are most likely to have personnel equipped with fluent English.

The type of English that Malaysians speak is called Malaysian English, studied closely to British English but spoken with a Malaysian touch in it. Malaysian English as it is today is most influenced by Chinese Malaysian, who by history are more likely to own a business during the colonial days compared to other races. Hence, the phonetics is more similar to that of Chinese, however, as time goes by, other cultural aspects are integrated into it, making it a unique slang that can only be found in this region. In Malaysia, mixing a total of three to four languages in a phrase is a totally normal thing to do! After all, there are a total of 137 languages, dialects and indigenous sub dialects throughout the nation.

What is the importance of English?

Knowing English does not only help you get by within the country, but also overseas. Having the ability to converse and write in English opens up doors to new opportunities, such as more job options and job security. Other than that, English is the International Language of Communication. It is not the most spoken language in the World, but it is a language spoken by around 400 million people. That is a massive number to put it into consideration.

Nowadays, most learning and entertainment materials are published in English. Aside from that, it is also the language of the internet, used in around half the world’s most visited websites. Hence, learning this language will give you the privilege of these materials. May it be for fun or for work purposes, you’ll be able to better interpret the information that is read, perhaps even get acquainted with English speakers from overseas. A new bond is able to be forged from this.

Last but not least, English eases the process of travelling. As English is the spoken language in more than 171 countries (first language in 53 countries and second language in over 118 countries), it makes it easier for you to travel anywhere that you want. Many countries also opt for their hospitality industry workers to be proficient in English, aside from having signboards and signs available in English.

Where to study English in Kuala Lumpur?

The trading centre has hundreds of teaching centres available for you to choose from. One of the prominent ones, the British Council provides you the chance to learn with highly certified professionals from the United Kingdom. They have courses specially made for kids up to adults, as well as corporate training where they provide clients with customised learning programmes which allows them to grow in both performance and communication.

Other than the British Council, Vision International Academy offers a 76 hours per month program that focuses on writing, speaking and listening components. The program is set up specifically for students looking to improve their daily English uses as well as working adults that have tight schedules. Just like the British Council, this program will pave the way for individuals interested in taking the IELTS examination.

Should studying in institutions be too expensive for you or that you prefer more freedom in choosing your own hours and tutors, then perhaps Superprof is your solution to learning English.

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With your own personal English tutor, you’ll be able to actively participate in a two-way communication and discover your strengths and weaknesses. You might even learn something new and find new ways to construct your English more poetically. All in all, investing in online learning is worth it if it’s for a stable and brighter future. Start looking for your English tutor with Superprof today!


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