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It is undeniable that English is the most spoken language around the world. Hence, there is no objection when the Ministry of Education in Malaysia made the English subject an obligation in all 3 major examinations namely UPSR, PT3 and SPM. Even moving forward, all the universities in Malaysia also implemented English as the medium language.

Why is learning English made a BIG DEAL in Malaysia?

More job opportunities-business language

English started as the business language when The Great Britain and The United States dominated the world’s economy which resulted in high economic power. The two countries provided the most trade and opportunities in the business sector with other countries. When other countries started doing business with these two, the mode of communication is none other than English. This automatically makes English the dominant language in the business world.

The more fluent a person is with the English language, the more job opportunities he will encounter. A global minded company will highly consider an English speaker to manage their international activities and welfare. Managing export and import are made easier with a single language of communication.

Easily travel anywhere.

Malaysia has been very encouraging when it comes to allowing their students studying abroad. A lot of twinning programs between local universities and overseas have been made since the past decades and these have given birth to numerous high-quality graduates or future employees in the country. Even so, some graduates opted for employment overseas, and this brings Malaysia more presentable internationally.

Besides that, travelling overseas for vacation is much more pleasant when the mode of communication is established well. Imagine going to a country of a different language, it is inappropriate to keep on using google translate while communicating with the locals there. Believe it or not, it’s not only Malaysia who uses English as a second language, but most countries in the world did too! Even in rural countries like India and Bangladesh, you will be surprised to see how well they conversed in English.

The whole world is in your hand.

Being the global language, English gives you access to a whole bigger world which includes the internet search engines, movies, novels, research articles, political reviews, sports update, and biographies of successful people. There are so many things to learn from the world including the people, and the culture. Hence, a good command in English brings the language barrier down.

With all the efforts made by the ministry and the teachers, there are still many students facing difficulties in mastering English language. If given 10 students in a room, there are always a few who have a strong command in English compared to the rest. So, what went wrong? Is our education system not strong enough to help all the students?

There are many challenges for students in mastering English. Some of the difficulties include:


Not everyone is born with the bravery to speak in a foreign language. According to Dr Nor Fadzleen Sa’don of SMK Uda 2, students often felt shy due to fear of making mistakes, hence resulting in speaking less to avoid the embarrassment.

“Their reticence compounds their manifest inadequacies”


In English, there are many words that have the same sound but totally different spelling and meaning. For example:

“hair” and “hare”,

“here” and “hear”, and

“pear” and “pair”

Apart from that, the sound of letter “f” can be spelled with “f”, “ff”, “gh” and “ph”. For example, “frog”, “fluffy”, “enough” “tough” and “phone”. All have the sound of a letter F.

This can be quite confusing for struggling students but are crucial differentiator that needed to master for an effective writing.

Lack of practice

Apart from their respective English classes, many students did not speak English for the rest of the day as they are more comfortable speaking in their mother-tongue. Hence, students do not have enough practice of the language.

According to Johor Education Department Senior Assistant Director for languages, Puan Rokiah Ahmad;

“Co-curricular activities such as choral speaking, public speaking, drama, singing and simple speeches were carried out in school to ensure pupils are given opportunities to use English outside the classroom”.

4 tips to be good at speaking in English.

Watch English movies.

Watching an English movie brings more confidence in terms of the pronunciation, facial expression, and the usage of the English words.  This is more pronounced when watched together with an English subtitle. Remember, do not enable local subtitles to avoid cheating!

 Carry around a dictionary.

Buy yourself a small dictionary that can fit in your handbag or pocket. Every time encounter an unfamiliar English word, you can straight away refer to the dictionary. This is the fastest way to learn more English vocabulary.

Just Speak! Put aside your embarrassment.

What other ways to master English speaking but to SPEAK! Try to converse daily in English, even when you’re talking to yourself, and make friends with more international people rather than friending only locals. Yes, it will be uncomfortable at the beginning but believe me, it is worth the try as this will boost your confidence.

Join English classes.

If you still find English difficult to master, then it is time to seek professional help. There are hundreds of English classes ranging from preschool level up to adult level. You can choose one-to-one classes or grouping classes, which ever that suits you better.

Some of the famous tuition centers in Malaysia for English language are as follows:

  • Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) - www.cambridgeforlife.org
  • UK English Matters – ukenglishmatters.com
  • The Language Studio KL – tlstudio.edu.my
  • Vbest - vbest.edu.my
  • Alfa Academic Tuition Centre – alfaakademik.edu.my

Apart from these tuition centres, students may choose for private tutoring through online. Online learning is more applicable to those with a busy schedule, limited access to tuition centres, living in remote areas, or even those who are paranoid of meeting people during this pandemic.

Here in Superprof, we offer many experienced English tutors in Malaysia that students can choose from.

Superprof is a well known online tutoring website which allows students to have a trial lesson before finding the perfect tutor. Learning one-to-one online helps to build the student’s confidence in writing and conversing in English at their own time.

There is no rushing going to a tuition centre. Just turn on the laptop or any mobile devices, with good internet connection, the tuition class is ready to go!

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