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Zsolt - Prof computer skills - Belfast


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Online Tutor, Step By Step Tutorials / Teach: PC Building, Photoshop, PC (Basic use) and alot more about Computers

About the lesson

I'm a 14 year old who is a 'nerd' in computers..
I have a really good experience in building computers, using computers, removing viruses, ETC:...
I'm looking to tutor/teach other people who know very less about computers for a really cheap price!

I can communicate either by typing or in a call (Skype or Discord)
-In both I would do a step-by-step guide.

I'm a friendly person who gets along with people really well. If you need a cheap teacher/tutor you're looking at the right place!


  • Computer Skills
  • Photoshop
  • Android
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    PC building


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About Zsolt

This would be my first time ever giving lessons to people online, I have taught people in real life before such as my classmates and members in my family.

If I would have to estimate I have taught about 20 classmates before and about 4-5 adults.

I'am starting my EXAM's in a few weeks time, but I am so far (and forever will be ;) ) the top student in my class. I have used computers since I was able to read and write.



  • 5h: RM80
  • 10h: RM213


  • RM27/h

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