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The average rate of accounting classes in Ipoh is RM32.


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21 tutors are available to teach accounting lessons in Ipoh and the surrounding areas.

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accounting is one of the hardest subjects in secondary school and at the degree level. Many students struggle with accounting throughout the school year, whether at secondary or university level. This is why additional accounting tuition is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private accounting tutor, many students are able to better understand the different principles of accounting.


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There are far too many careers that exist in the world today. Even so, each career plays their own roles in keeping the productivity of the world, including keeping the economy intact, no matter what the career may be; teacher, businessman, logistics manager, and especially an accountant.

In a business, regardless of whether it is a corporate business, NGO business, non-profit or proprietorship, an accountant plays a huge role in the business’ finances.

In general, an accountant is responsible for preparing the accounts of the company, budgeting and managing financial information. Accountants may also have the responsibility of advising and aiding clients on the best paths to take to ensure their finances stay on route or grow to be better.

Since there are many different types of accountants due to the various branches of accountancy, each type has different roles specifically. For instance, a forensics accountant is responsible for assisting and preparing financial evidence and analysis for court against criminal activity.

An auditor is also another example of an accountant and their role is to review and verify the accuracy of financial records to ensure there is no financial fraud happening within the business.

While being an accountant sounds tempting due to it being a high paying job, it is definitely not an easy subject to dabble in. The potential accountant must first be aware of the basic accounting educational path.


What is the basic accounting educational path?

So, you want to be an accountant and are looking to pursue the programme in Malaysia. Before we delve into how you can study accountancy here in Malaysia, you should be aware of the various fields of accounting.

There are four fields to accounting: financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting and audit and assurance services.

Despite the various fields, the pathway to becoming an accountant in Malaysia is more or less the same. Needless to say, to continue to a specific field of accountancy, one will need to pursue a higher level of education such as a Masters or a PhD.

Generally speaking, to continue your studies in accounting, you must at least receive a minimum of 3 credits in your Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) subjects or O-Levels. The subjects include Mathematics, English, Bahasa Melayu and/or History.

With that, you are able to pursue a Diploma in Accounting for about 2 or 2.5 years. Afterwards, you can choose to delve in the working field or continue for your Bachelor’s degree.

To pursue an Accounting Degree, you must have a minimum of CDD for your A-Levels, or 2C+’s in STPM. If you come from a Foundation in Business background, a minimum CGPA of 2.50 is required to be able to continue. A degree in accounting will take 3 years to complete.

After delving into the working world, you may opt to sit for your professional qualification examinations such as the ACCA, MICPA, CPA Australia, CIMA or ICAEW.

A majority of potential accountants choose to sit for their ACCA examinations, which is the world leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals. Having an ACCA certificate will surely broaden your career opportunities as an accountant.


Can I teach myself accounting?

Undoubtedly, it is possible to learn accounting independently. However, the question of how far can a person progress into their accountancy studies when doing it alone carries an unclear answer.

However, here are some methods one can practice to study accountancy independently. Starting with reading books on accountancy. By reading books on accounting, you may learn the basics of reading and analysing financial statements which is the first step to understanding how accounting works. Additionally, you can also implement this knowledge to your daily life situations and not just when it comes to work. Surely, it will help you to plan  your finances better.

Next, you should figure out a learning method best for you. You can choose to delve in in-person classes, remote online courses, sticking to accounting textbooks or just studying with tutors from Youtube. There is no right or wrong when choosing a learning method, as each individual is unique and knows which method can help them learn better.

Of course, there is no point to studying without interest and dedication. Before studying a subject, ensure that you are interested and that you are willing to dedicate your time to study well. As accounting concepts build on one another, it helps to invest time to fully understand one topic before moving on to the next. This will aid you in building a stronger foundation of comprehension towards what you are learning. With this you can move on to more advanced principles more easily too.

Most importantly, ensure that you are able to apply your studies to real-world situations. With accountancy, the goal is to apply, rather than to memorise. Practice applying equations and accountancy concepts to your daily life to have a stronger understanding and to also bring an added sense of connection to your studies. It is also much easier to retain the knowledge gained when you apply it to your daily life situations.


Where can I find an accounting tutor in Ipoh?

Some students may feel more comfortable when learning with a tutor who they know can aid them in improving in their studies.

A good accounting tutor will not only help you improve your accounting skills, but they can also help you feel more confident in your studies and aid you in preparing for examinations, especially daunting ones such as the ACCA.

Now, where else can you find such tutors if not on our education platform, Superprof? Search for tutors based in Ipoh so you can opt to have classes face-to-face should you prefer it. You can also look up tutors who offer remote online classes.

With Superprof, you do not have to worry with a strict schedule as you can plan for your classes with your tutor at a day and time convenient for both tutor and tutee alongside discussing for a pricing rate that is viable to the tutee’s budget.

If you are ready to start studying accounting, head over to our homepage and seek for your potential tutors located near you in Ipoh now!

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