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Aspiring to deliber knowledge for science from indore Madhya Pradesh, for the bright future of the children's we need to fill them with abundance of knowledge and learning skills and both material kno

About the lesson

Teaching in affirmative method, making a clear sense of what is being taught to infornt individual, giving a practical knowledge of understanding the facts and figure which develops the easiest understanding in an individual, and level of understanding isn't same for every individual so making lecture super easy for every one to understand d concept, nd degree of knowledge.


  • Health and social care
  • Science of nutrition


  • English


  • SPM

About Mitali

It had been 5 years since I m teaching.
It's been more than 10000 students I have mentoring.
And by the grace of good every one scored pretty good score.
There have been time I have taken 10 days work shop for giving mnemonic, flowcharts, and short tricks before exams to make them memorize all chapter, preferring the methodology of one page one chapter which helps students for scoring best results in examination.



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