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« Impressive! Very experienced and wide knowledge in power industry system. »
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Lessons offered by Ing ching
  • Individual
The lessons will be held
  • at his home
  • at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • Automation
  • Industrial design
  • All Levels

Engineering students offering engineering maths, and power electrical lessons in Kuala Lumpur


My teaching method is to explain to students (calculation, work through their assignments, examples, and notes), that they can understand the concept without referring back to textbooks such as the maximum fault level of the system using your brain or calculator.


I am a practicing electrical professional engineer with BEM and a chartered electrical engineer with IET. With my lessons in power electrical engineering, you will appreciate and master the fundamental concepts and be able to apply them in real life.


Transportation Fee : RM20
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : RM125
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : RM200


The rate may vary if there are more students in the group and if the distance is too far there may be a need to discuss what is the minimum duration and the cancellation policy needs to be discussed with the school. For free lesson for 30 minutes, it is just to know each other and general discussion but the location needs to be discussed.

Lessons offered by Ing ching
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • Automation
  • Industrial design
  • All Levels

Ing ching's CV



BSc. Hons. (Second Class Lower) Electrical Engineering (1976 - 1979), Reading University, England
Master of Christian Studies (GPA 3.2065), 9 Jan 1918 to 17 June 2019, Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, Klang Valley.


Professional Engineer P.E. No: C17292 obtained on 15 June 1992
Chartered Engineer Reg. No: 439539 obtained on 18 September 1992

Corporate Member of IEM, Malaysia Membership No: 12763 obtained on 18 March 1991
Corporate Member of IET, U.K. Membership No: (concealed information) obtained on 17 March 1992

Certificate of Competency issued by Suruhanjaya Tenaga i.e.
• Competent Electrical Engineer up to 132 KV obtained 12 December 2003;
• Competent Electrical Engineer up to 33 KV obtained on 27 July 1994; and

• Electrical Services Engineer up to 11 KV obtained on 27 July 1994.

Certificate of Competency issued by Sarawak Electrical Inspectorate Unit i.e.
• Competent Electrical Engineer up to 33KV obtained 17 November 2016.

Blue book issued by Republic of Kazakhstan (Rok) i.e.
• Electrical Level 5 Blue Book No: 309 obtained on 13 December 2012


Qualified Lead Assessor / Assessor to ISO9000
Radiation Protection Supervisor (Certificate was valid for 3 years and since Dec. 1994 it was not reinstated yet)
Certified Energy Manager by Suruhanjaya Tenaga on 22 June 2002
Climbed to the top of the Mountain Kinabalu (4095.2 M) via Mesilau Summit Trail at 5.35 am Oct 31, 2004, and Mountain Murud Sarawak at 10 am 18 July 2015.
Using SKM software such as short-circuit load flow and large motor-starting voltage drop.
Tropical BOSIET certificate (with EBS and Travel safely by Boat OPITO approved) valid till 7 Jan 2020 on Murphy Safety Passport and medical till 28 September 2019. (The medical fitness for Plant and Field-Based valid till 15 Oct 2021 on RNZ/Petronas requirement)
Certified Assessor of Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (Level 3) equivalent to BTECH (2016)


I have worked more than 30 years with multinational companies covering a complete cycle of electrical engineering work in electrical maintenance (4 years in Sarawak Shell, 7 years in Malaysia LNG, and 13 years in Huntsman Tioxide), commissioning and operations, projects both in Brown and Green Field in Shell, attaining the status of HV Competent Engineer awarded by Malaysia’s Energy Commission, Shell Technical Authority TA3 and ROK Blue Book Electrical Level 5. Wide electrical commissioning in Shell Kazakhstan, maintenance, and operation experience, and project electrical engineering in Shell Gabon and Shell Miri and the corresponding lesson-learned has enabled me to undertake a more practical and value-adding in any electrical engineering work or teaching as a tutor.

In addition, I have mentored 2 Gabonese Graduate Electrical Engineers and one Malaysian Graduate Electrical Engineer both under Shell Graduate Program. I have coached a team of supervisors, electricians, and technicians in Malaysia LNG to the career advancement program as well as up to 17 staff including 2 engineers, 1 electrical and instrument coordinator, and 14 electrical and instrument technicians according to the ICI/Tioxide career advancement programs.

I am fully committed to transferring my knowledge to the younger engineers and technicians and as well students.

Courses attended:
(a) Electrical Protection
(b) Power System Engineering (First Seminar)
(c) Advanced Electrical Engineering
(d) Power System Analysis & Coordination
(e) Lightning & Lightning Protection
(f) Elect safety, Personnel Hazards, Fire & Explosion Risks
(g) Latest Development in Electrical Design Criteria
(h) Harmonic Analysis
(i) IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671
(j) Elect Protection/Power Engineering (with software prog)
(k) Industrial Power System Protection Module A
Industrial Power System Protection Module B
(l) Electrical system studies (Course & General Application)
(m) Certified Energy Manager
(n) 275/132KV Competency Field Training (121 Training Days)

(a) Rosemount System 3 Distributed Control System
(b) Swagelok Tube Fitting & Safe Valve Selection
(c) Radiation Protection Officer Course
(d) Texas Instrument Programmable Logic Controller
(e) Fundamentals of Field Instrumentation
(f) Advanced Process Control

(a) Finance for Non-financial Managers
(b) Career Development through Self-development
(c) Time Management
(d) Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills
(e) Kepner Tregoe
(f) Technical Report Writing
(g) Group Dynamic & Sensitivity Training
(h) Effective Communication Workshop
(i) Quality Circle Leaders Training
(j) Methods of Instruction & Training
(k) The Inner Side of Effective People
(l) Lead Assessors / Assessors on ISO9000
(m) Modern Safety Management (ISRS)
(n) Management for Performance Workshop
(o) Approaches to Successful Negotiations
(p) Outstanding Business Leaders Program

6.2 Training @ Sarawak Shell
(a) SAP – Notification / Regular Work Order / Work Execution and confirmation courses
(b) Advanced Power System studies using SKM Tool
(c) Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) in Projects)
(d) Safe Use of Certified Equipment for Hazardous Area
(e) Life After Shell

6.3 Training @ AgipKCO Kazakhstan
(a) Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency training (BOSIET)
(b) (WRAP & TRIC)
(c) Permit to Work level 2
(d) Rok Industrial safety at Enterprise (Blue Book)
(e) Electrical Safety rules on low and high voltage
(f) Safe Management of electrical Isolations
(g) ROK Electrical level 5 with Rok fire Technical Minimum

6.4 Training at Shell Gabon Central West Africa
(a) M184 Electrical Instrument Equipment in Hazardous Area
(b) 2014 Electrical Safety Conference (Nigeria)
(c) Leaders of team program (Virtual learning)
(d) M381 Electrical Engineering III (Workshop)
(e) Developing Petroleum Business Skills (Virtual learning)

6.5 Training at Murphy Sarawak
(a) Assessing Competence in The Work Environment (Level 3)
(b) COOL Performance Excellent Workshop (Circle of
Outstanding Leaderships program)

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Impressive! Very experienced and wide knowledge in power industry system.

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