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Graduate researcher in computational bioinformatics gives lessons in spatially understanding biology and chemistry to high school and college level students in Michigan

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My education in various fields allows me to understand the connectedness between subjects in the life sciences; I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

In my time at UTSA, I lectured supplemental critical thinking sessions required alongside the Biosciences I course taught by The Department of Biology Faculty. The sessions were in a classroom setting where students are given the tools and guidance to apply concepts learned from the lecture to real world situations in the form of case studies across the sciences. This position has helped me to communicate efficiently in the core sciences in a manner that integrates college-level computational reasoning to teaching biology, as well as concepts of college-level chemistry to my lessons.

I use techniques that encourage students to take on difficult questions by inviting them to ask why a process occurs as it does, rather than memorizing the process itself. My undergraduate education used this method in their lesson plans, and I hope to inspire students who choose me as their teacher in the same manner.

If you take anything away from my ad and are considering me as your teacher, know that getting my students inspired about the material is my primary goal-- I believe that if the student is allowed to stay inquisitive about the subject, then learning the material will flow effortlessly.

So, let's do some science!


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About Brian

I have been giving lessons in the sciences for a total of two years (approximately 4 semesters) in Introduction to Biology and Introduction to Chemistry. The class size was 40 students per session, but I was also available for 1-on-1 tutoring in my office hours session where I was able to give more direction in understanding concepts in Biology and Chemistry.

I preferred the 1-on-1 sessions because it allowed an opportunity to target difficult subjects within the course for students. My students found these sessions especially helpful because I always made it a priority to give them specially selected practice questions based on where their strong and weak points were in the course.

Students whom made an effort to come to my office hours typically found themselves scoring above an A- on quizzes and exams, owed to being prepared with practice questions that initiated a spatial understanding of the material so they were never caught off guard by the professors quiz and exam questions.



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