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💰What is the average price of ESOL (English) lessons?

The average price of ESOL (English)  lessons is RM60.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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English class for kids. Part time English course in Malaysia.

English Speaker of Other Language (ESOL) Malaysia Online Tutor

Online tutoring has become a popular choice since the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 around the world. Students need to adapt to the new environment. The face-to-face learning process that used to be carried out before has changed to online tutoring. This process takes place so that children who are still in the process of learning can learn as usual.

Since the pandemic hit, people has been force to stay home. However, this doesn't stop education and learning process to halt. There are differences between tutoring and teaching - both online and in the real world. Are you currently reside in Malaysia?

Take the opportunity of the stay home time to learning ESOL. This is a good way to improve your communication skills and increase your personal values. Besides, if you wish to further move or study abroad, take ESOL as it is one of the requirement for migration.

In the modern days, English has become one of the most important languages in the world. That is why English is spoken as the first language in many countries. Indeed, in Malaysia, ESOL tutors are asked to help people who speak other languages to learn English.

English tutoring is intended to give the student additional assistance, thus, it is the main responsibility of the tutor to ensure greater understanding of English for the student. They are responsible for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

What is ESOL education?

English Speaker of Other Language (ESOL) is a the English education for people who speak multiple languages and those who already received English education in their native country as a secondary or extra language. ESOL supports learners whose first language is not English. 

The ESOL course will provide you with the essential language skills that are needed in order to communicate in English. It will cover all English essential aspects ranging from writing, listening, reading and speaking to develop a better understanding of the English language. 

In Malaysia, English is a compulsory subject in school. The evolution of the Malaysia education system has made English crucial that they need to pass English test in order to pursue into the universities to develop a positive attitude for the learning process. Most tertiary education in Malaysia use English language as a medium of teaching and learning.

If you are living in Malaysia, being able to speak English will help you to communicate with the local better.  , English has become one of the medium of communication that is widely spoken in Malaysia. English is commonly spoken in urban areas, and less spoken in rural areas. Around 50-60% of the population has English knowledge and around 10% only can understand basic English.

Nonetheless, English allows you to broaden your minds and develop emotional skills needed during the phase of personal growth. A person with decent English capabilities can also improve their quality of life in that regard with how important English is in achieving a successful career. 

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Online learning has tonnes of benefits that you should be aware of. Researches shown that students are more likely to save time and money when studying online compared to going to extra tuition class. Student are able to save time commuting, preparing or getting ready to go out as well as they wouldn't need to pay more for physical materials as most tutors use online learning platform that allows them to make learning materials online. Students will have more control over the learning process and are able to learn faster. 

Besides, another advantages of learning online is that each tutor and student can use the appropriate study time according to the schedule. The schedule is flexible and class location can be from anywhere, either at home or outside. Learning plans can also be based on the school curriculum and individual needs. 

Online tutoring is also very innovative and interactive because tutors can diversify learning methods in order to give more understanding to students. There are also opportunities for global networking when we connect with them locally and abroad. 

How can we learn ESOL Online?

In Malaysia, we have started online tutoring to help those who need help. Students can talk directly with the tutor via email, video call or phone. Then, decide with the teacher on the preferred class format.

There are few channels of favourite that tutors usually use to teach online in Malaysia, such as Google Meet

Zoom and Skype.

These apps are often used as an interactive conference platform for students and even company workers. Users can host a 1 to 1 meeting or hold a group meeting up to more than 500 people at once. It is easy to send an invitation to a group of students as you only need to copy the invitation link and forward it to the students.

They has useful features for conducting online lessons such as screen sharing with audio and the option to record the class. Students and tutor can either use their smart phone, pc, tablet, or any tools that allow you to exchange info via audio and video. Tutors usually will share screen that act like a virtual whiteboard.

Online teaching is now a convenient method to teach as it transcends the cultural and even geographical barriers that are usually present in physical class.

Where can you study ESOL in Malaysia?

There are many places that offer English Language Learning centers in Malaysia with various types of programs. There are courses for both children and adults and no limitation to who is willing to learn. The effort and time that you invest in learning English needs to be appreciated by yourself. The learning process takes time to adapt.

Therefore, Superprof is the best place for you to take ESOL Online. You can have a tutoring session at any of you convenient time, at any places that you can be comfortable such as your sofa or even on your own bed. Well, you can even have a snacky and munchies while you are learning online without your tutors noticing too! Remember to munch quietly and don't do any ASMR. 

Superprof can help you find the best English expert tutor that can help you learn English fluently. The fee is very affordable with only RM 30/hour and you can have a personal tutor that can help you in your English learning journey. You can choose your teacher based on what you want to improve and they will help you.

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