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Why are there many students who often feel bored and frustrated while solving Mathematical questions? The main reason being they are too fixated to “follow” and “memorize” the steps to quickly arrive at the answer without actually understanding what the question is about.

Develop the right mindset for Mathematical thinking

To ace Mathematics, memorization alone does not work. It requires a high level of understanding, visualising and solving real-life problems. When learning Mathematics, you also need to bear in mind that it should be an active and engaging process. When in doubt, you should raise your questions without fearing what others would think. You should not be concerned about getting your answers wrong and struggling in the process, because Mathematical thinking is a combination of a series of trial and errors, risk-taking and even play.

Some of you may think that it is crazy to “play” with numbers and further “question” them, but mathematicians have been doing that for centuries. Take for instance, how numbers are presented in various forms and shapes. You will know for a fact that in a linear form, there is no way that the number 12 can be ahead of the number 1 if we were to arrange the numbers in ascending order. But what if it is a circular line? Take a look at the watch you are wearing on your hand now or the clock that is hanging on the wall. You can now see the picture, do you? The numbers that you have just observed is part of your everyday life that you call time.

Leap ahead in Mathematics with Superprof Malaysia

The world of Mathematics can be fascinating. Unfortunately, at times the focus to merely score As in your examination will hinder you from truly learning and fully grasping the Mathematical concepts. This would be even more difficult when you are in a large group classroom setting, where you are mostly just asked to complete and submit as many Mathematical questions as possible without having sufficient time to understand them. Subsequently, you may lose your interest and be tempted to ‘copy” the right steps just to arrive at the answers.

One way to improve tremendously in Mathematics is through private tutoring. With Superprof Malaysia, you will have an established and effective learning experience in Mathematics. Firstly, you can easily browse through the tutors’ details and contact them through their verified profiles on the website. All the important information, such as the fee per hour, the tutor’s qualification, mode of teaching and even previous students’ reviews are available and constantly updated.

Secondly, after confirming the Maths tutor, you can proceed to contact him or her to discuss the preferred time for lessons as well as what you are looking for specifically. Before starting your official lessons, you will be able to organize your learning sessions effectively.

That being said, you will also get to experience personalized Maths lessons according to your level. You will be guaranteed constant feedback from your tutors. Apart from home tutoring, you can also opt for online tutoring, where you can record and replay the video sessions anytime you want and have a good question and answer session without worrying about interrupting the flow of the class. As a result, the learning session will also be cost and time effective in the long run.

Receive the best lessons from Maths tutors in Seberang Perai

Superprof Malaysia is committed to providing you with the best Maths tutor according to your needs. Through this student-friendly platform, you can have direct access to all the available Maths tutors across the country, and you are free to choose your tutors from any locations. Even for a state like Penang, you can rest assured that even if you are from the mainland, there are plenty of experienced and passionate Maths tutors that are located in the Seberang Perai region. Face to face lessons as well as online lessons can be arranged based on your preferences.

Having a Maths tutor is surely a bonus point, as it gives you the privilege to have extra practice and revise effectively while having discussions with your tutor to clear your doubts about any topics. You would also get to participate in one-to-one learning, where you can learn Maths without feeling overwhelmed. You can also learn Maths in the most conducive environment, anywhere and anytime you want, even at the comfort of your home. In the long run, you will gain confidence in learning the subject and eventually succeed in solving your Mathematical questions for homework and examinations.

Work with Mathematics in the future

Mathematics is undeniably one of the most emphasized subjects in the Malaysian education system. It is present from preschool until university levels. All students (for both Science and Art stream) who are preparing for their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) are required to take Modern Mathematics, whereas students who are in the Science stream will need to take an extra Maths subject, which is Additional Mathematics.

The reason behind this education policy is because since many jobs that are highly demanded in Malaysia are related to Mathematics. For instance, a career in cybersecurity and computer science requires you to work constantly with formulas, coding and direct calculation. Those who are working in the business and economy sector also need to be well versed in comprehending statistics while researching and planning financial decisions.

Almost every industry is looking for employees who are not just good at solving complex mathematical problems, but also those who have the knack for tackling real-life problems and are precise in executing the steps to solutions while looking at the bigger picture.

With such promising Mathematical careers lying ahead, start learning Maths with Superprof Malaysia today with a reliable Maths tutor to land yourself on an endless path of opportunities. But remember, it is never a race to ace Mathematics, but rather a journey of adventure to make the best out of it!


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In Seberang Perai, the average price of maths lessons per hour is RM30.


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In Seberang Perai and the suburban areas, 9 maths teachers are available to offer private courses


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On Superprof, you can learn maths online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your IB, are struggling with maths concepts, or would just like to work on your maths skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our maths tutors also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private tutors on Superprof offer maths classes via Skype and most of them give their first lessons free!


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