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  • Hourly rate RM111
  • Response Time 24h
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Music Production, Unique Audio Techniques, Sound Technology, Sonic Manipulation, Vocals, Instruments, Mixing

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About the lesson

Hi folks, my name is Marc Malone and Music, Promotion, Business, Production and Teaching is what I do. I have a wealth of experience in many industries from online work to consulting with some of the most successful acts in the world. I am here to help your creativity and your business expand to whichever level you want to reach. I'll support you and allow you the space to learn in a safe environment.

Drop me a message and let's get started.


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  • Music Technology


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About Marc

I hold various diplomas in the work that I do, I also have real life experience as a performer signed to record labels, management contracts and PR deals. I know the industry very well and I'm here to help you know it too.



  • 5h: RM555
  • 10h: RM1110


  • RM111/h


Depending on what you are wanting to learn, the rates *may* vary, though unlikely.

I teach Music Production (Mixing, Mastering), Guitar, PR, Promotion, Management, Consulting, Tour Booking and Brand Strategy.

Enquire for more details.

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