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Physical Science teacher tutoring in physics and chemistry, from introductory to AP.

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The key idea in my work is to build on what students already know rather than trying to establish new or unfamiliar ideas. The principles of physical science can be demonstrated in clear and tangible ways that students of any level, whether just beginning to learn or already deeply experienced, can use to explore their own knowledge with questions, insights, and above all measurement. While these remote lessons and tutoring sessions will not allow for a hands-on demonstration, there are plenty of resources which will bring many exotic phenomena to the screen.

Primary strategies during lessons will include a review of how the mathematics describing phenomena relate to state and change, an inter-connecting of knowledge in order to reinforce ideas and support a holistic understanding of content, and regular assessment of the use of knowledge as applied to analysis, problem solving, and experimentation.

Lessons are available for high school through introductory college level science. Goals for the outcomes of lessons include assisting with coursework, re-teaching both science and math content, reviewing and proof-reading written work, and preparing for standardized testing.


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About John

My background is in science, with a double-major at Bowdoin for Chemistry first, then Earth and Oceanographic Science, on top of a long history of curiosity and passion for knowledge and wonder. After receiving my BA, I went for a Master's degree in Education at the University of Connecticut, where I combined local research into coastal waterways and wetlands with a classroom experience for a local magnet STEM high school.

Since then, I have taught in the urban core of Los Angeles and in the shadow of the White Mountains in western Maine. My experience in teaching a very wide variety of students science has been formative in developing my student-centered approach. Each student is different; no matter where they are or what they're trying to do, everyone has their own starting point that I will respect and hope to find. I believe strongly that the essential process of science, testing knowledge and belief in order to find what is closest to the truth, is something that all students can benefit from, and my continuing hope is to support others in that venture.



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