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A physics teacher who lives in Columbus, Ohio gives physics lessons as well as teaching to solve the physics problems in a practical way using short-cuts

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About the lesson

Graduated from Selcuk University High School Physics teaching of Education Faculty in Konya, Turkey in 2011 with a score of 3.46/4.
I love studying physics since I was 16. I am keen to discover my universe and learning a piece of physics at each time showed me the way who I am. This is the reason why I am a physics teacher.

I support STEM education. Since scientific concepts cannot be understood without putting it into real-life scenarios, I always use visuals and hands-on materials to teach science.

I also apply 5E technique in my lessons. 1.Engage, 2.Explore, 3. Explain, 4. Elaborate, 5. Evaluate.

However, when it comes to solve quantitative physics problems, I urge learners use 'kind of a pirate way' using short-cuts I taught':D.


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About Reyhan

1-Concept schools Horizon science academy elementary
Dates: 08/2014 to 06/2016

-Organizing in -school science and engineering fairs, robotics
competitions, coaching students for STEM FAIRS and robotics competitions,

-Won several gold medals and 1st places in robotics
-home and school tutored physics and chemistry to 5 students of 10th and 11th
graders at home
-home tutored ACT science and math to 4 11th grade students

2-Concept school indiana math and science academy north
Science Teacher High School
Dates: 08/2013 to 06/2014

Taught science to 7th and 8th graders
Also taught integrated physcis and chemistry
Worked 25 hr/week
Coached 150 students for science fair and state-cross STEM fairs



  • 5h: RM445
  • 10h: RM890

travel fee

  • + RMRM5


  • RM80/h


Via Webcam:
-Beginner Student or for an introductory lesson : $18/hr
-Intermediate level( need more info, ask questions, solve problems or others) : $15/hr
By travel:
Beginner: $20/ hr
Intermediate: 18/ hr

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