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1st lesson belanja!

School English in india from class 1st to 12th in all board

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We have the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Anthony will be happy to arrange your first English lesson.

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I am an experienced teacher of English subject. Have been teaching in pune and have just started my spoken classes in Nanded. I see teaching as fun have found my own creative way to teach. I have been trained to teach in church.


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About Anthony

I have been teaching students starting from class 6 to 10. And also I have my own spoken English classes Nanded. Teaching is my passion. And I make sure my students enjoy what I teach. I am happy when they score good in school.



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Group classes will have monthly fees which will be lesser than personal classes.

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  • 01

    What motivates you to teach and why?

    It is my knowledge and command on English subject motivates me to impart in others. When I hear people making mistakes in speaking English I feel bad and feel like I must make him my student and start teaching the knowledge I have. And because I have good command on language teaching has never become boring. I just love it. And Superprof has given me a platform to fulfill my passion.

  • 02

    When did you start developing an interest in your subject area?

    I studied in my local language and in those time I was unable to speak English. I searched everywhere where I can learn to speak English but because of my financial condition, I couldn't join any institute. But when I traveled to Africa and learned English by myself and became perfect. I felt in my heart that there are many students like me who are not able to speak English and I can actually help them. Then I started teaching them for free. then I found this online platform.

  • 03

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of and why?

    Well with this English subject I don't really have role model but I just love the British English and the way they speak is just beautiful. It sounds very nice and it is without stress on brain. I would suggest every student who is learning English. the day when you will have a dream and you are speaking English in your dream, you must understand your good days have started. Never stop dreaming in the English language.

  • 04

    What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in mastering your craft?

    The atmosphere. To learn the language you must create an English atmosphere around you. I didn't have many friends who can speak better English and because they are my friends I cannot leave them. So I had to create an English atmosphere at home and around me so that my ears will have listening and my lips will have speaking practice.

  • 05

    In your opinion, what makes someone excel in your subject area?

    Well! I would suggest, the most important thing is broad reading and also thinking. Of course, you must have an English atmosphere around you, but for you to excel in the language you must read a lot.

  • 06

    What would you say to a student who says, "This is too difficult, I give up!"?

    I will tell person the importance of that thing but not at that same time. I will change the topic and teach something else and will try to bring that difficult topic in the new topic and I will make him realize that you would not know this because you decided not to learn this but he should realize though it is difficult it is important to learn.

  • 07

    How does someone become a Super Teacher?

    A person must take personal interest in teaching. teaching must not be for the sake of earning but you must make it so easy for your self that you enjoy a lot. And that is possible with complete knowledge of your subject.

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