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B.A in Spanish gives spanish lessons to middle and high school levels in Wilmington, NC

About the lesson

I'm Kristen! I graduated in December 2017 from UNCW with a B.A. in Spanish and then I am enrolled to start my Master of Arts in Teaching program for Elementary Education in January. As of now, I am a Spanish tutor (for about 2 years) at my university. I love working with the students and helping them to pursue their goals. Most of my sessions are centered around what the tutee wants to work on. I love using creativity and critical thinking in my sessions. I also love having the tutee create sentences using the grammar topics to show me that they understand the subject, but to also engage them in the lesson and have them be able to write about whatever they want! I have lesson plans and practice sentences created for each grammar topic, as I followed a college-level book. I also love using videos, songs, mnemonic and other creative tools to help students remember the information and expand their vocabulary!


  • Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • +2

    Oral comprehension - Spanish

    Written comprehension -Spanish


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Adult education

About Kristen

I have been tutoring Spanish for almost two years, which is probably around 40 students! Many of my students have improved their grades and overall proficiency in the language in just a couple sessions. I enjoy working one-on-one with students to help them achieve their goals and improve their grades. It is so rewarding, and I am ready to help anyone!



  • 5h: RM420
  • 10h: RM840


  • RM71/h

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