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Improve my visibility

The best way to increase your visibility is to upgrade your status.

There are 4 statuses:

  • New
  • Experienced
  • Super Tutor
  • Ambassador

    Then, the more quality your ad has, the more it is put forward by the search algorithm:

    A beautiful photo
    A bright & clear photo that highlights your professionalism with your best smile.

    Add details to your ad
    Take the time to write a personal and quality ad.
    Explain your approach, methodology and approach in detail and, of course, without spelling mistakes.

    Be responsive
    Respond as quickly as possible to requests received.

    Ask for recommendations
    To reassure your future students, value your past experiences by asking for recommendations from your former students, friends, colleagues or family members.

    Ask for reviews
    Your Superprof students can also leave you a review via the “Evaluate” button in their e-mail. Do not hesitate to ask them for a review or leave them one. This will motivate them to reply to you.

    The Pro Pass subscription multiplies your visibility by 3.