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Accounting And Its Importance to the World

Accounting has its own influence and also power in our daily life. It is the heart of a business or organization to be able to operate functionally. Let’s throw back to 7,000 years ago, where all the documentation was still made with primitive methods such as printed fonts on stones and woods. Even then, people bookkeep their harvest or any other financial operation. Year after year, it can be proved that accounting is one of the essential services that is needed until today.

Accounting as The Main Essential for Industries

Education has evolved throughout the years and Accounting has always been one of the big five professional jobs in Malaysia. Among jobs such as engineer, lawyer, doctor and scientist, accountant had grown as the one of the five successful professions.

Accounting is very simple at its base and it can be applied in our daily life too. For example, a general worker in the industrial sector has a salary of RM2,000 per month. All the expenses and savings are recorded via a bank account or cash voucher. As Ahmed has no cash to buy a car that is valued at RM35,000 in the market, another option for him is to go and apply for a bank loan. A financial institution typically will commence to offer Ahmed loan at specific interest rate but with conditions. A condition whereby Ahmed should present his own financial statement such as cash vouchers for his salary, EPF’s statement and billing expenses as well. It is compulsory for any financial institutions because these practises are to display confidence in the loanee’s ability to consistently pay them back.

The situation mentioned before is exactly the way basic accounting practice in our daily lives. For the upper level which for industries, all the valuation such as assets, liabilities and loans should be present in organization accounts. For example, Enron, which has a valuation of RM1b in 2021 stock market, operates a semiconductor company. So how does Enron value it in such a way? The accounting will calculate all the assets available, liabilities and profit margin that has been recorded for a year. This example is quite complicated to understand, but it will benefit those who are reading it now!

Does It Make You Money?

Well, of course! Accounting jobs can get you a chunk of money and even a retirement that lasts. According to payscale.com, the average annual income for an accountant starts from RM51,458/year. It is equivalent to RM4288/month for an average accountant in Malaysia. As you can see, this figure can hop up to 5-figure per month if it qualifies for an experienced paycheck. Hirers such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte and many other accounting firms that sit at the top of the world recruit many quality, entry-level graduates online every year. This proves that there’s demand for the job in the market. Let's make it interesting from the grass-roots.

Accounting in Malaysia

Statistics show that accounting jobs pay more in Klang Valley bound. However, on the bright side of it, logically it pays more in metropolitan cities. A bigger population size will have a bigger demand, and the salary will basically be higher than other states. 

There are popular big companies that operate as accounting firms, also known as the Big Four. KPMG, Deloitte , Ernst & Young and PWC are all located in Klang Valley areas. These companies are the best environment to upgrade your resume or career path in accounting jobs. 

The Regulations That Binds It

A professional conduct displayed for Chartered Accountants is an important role to be approved for the public interest. The reputation of the accounting profession plays a vital part by ensuring the ethical behaviour by Chartered Accountants. By this ethical behaviour, people will acquire trust in their job. 

These standards empower accountants to oblige accounting practises worldwide. There are bodies in Malaysia such as the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA) which is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). According to specific statistics, there are more than 35,000 qualified accountants in Malaysia. In addition, MIA is targeting 60,000 and growing their numbers for years to come. 

Grab this opportunity to join the professional community. In Malaysia, the opportunity should be taken by learning it at the grassroots levels. Not only in schools, You can search for an Accounting tutor online or find the best online classes to help you learn accounting.

How to Build Up Interest on Accounting?

It is essential for the people in Malaysia to foresee the opportunity that lies in this industry. Get enough information for these jobs by starting an interest in secondary school. 

In our education system, secondary schools provide the latest syllabus and convincing teaching in accounting. For a typical student in Malaysia, they will get to choose their own elective subjects applied starting Form 4. Accountancy is not an easy subject to score, but it will help a lot if you start learning early!

At university levels, Accounting tutor for university students is also available on the market. If you search through the sites, there are plenty of platforms that provide supplementary education to students. 

Nevertheless, Superprof is one of the platforms that can give the best experience and knowledge for the users. A free Accounting tutor can also be found on this site. At only $5 for each lesson, it is one of the hassle-free education that you can get at your fingertips. 

For professional courses, a lot of colleges would offer qualifications such as ACCA and CAT. These courses might be difficult to pass as the examiners are all not from our local authorities. Students tend to get much more headaches in order to pass their exams. Not to worry, you can search available tutor digitally. Just head over to Superprof! There are many qualified and quality tutors that can guide you locally. Superprof can also locate the best online tutor that is available near you.


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37772 accounting tutors are available to help you.

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