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In Kuala Lumpur, the average ESOL tutoring per hour is RM53.


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From a sample of 9 ratings, pupils rated their ESOL tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.


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English class for adults in kl. Part-time English course in Malaysia.

During the old days, when one had been accepted into a local university with only Bumiputras on board. The population in the university are mostly Malays with a mixture of bumis from Borneo. Although there were not much multi races around, the university kept its prestige by using English as the main language. All classes, lectures, announcements, and examinations were conducted in English. 

Being a Malay native speaker, one had a terrible and tough time adjusting to the language, especially when it comes to some professional terms used in the textbook.  Speaking in front of the class required effort and practice.

However, this is not the case for everyone.

The Classmate with ESL

Someone can be so good and fluent in English that reading the textbook seems like reading a novel. With smooth slang too. Since it was easy to understand the topics, one can become one of the top students in the university. Be liked by all the lecturers.

The reason behind this is being raised in an English as a second language (ESL) environment. The parents even can send their kids to an international school. Hence, the kid had no problem adjusting in English and Malay.

From this situation, you can realized that English is a very important language to master, especially when reaching or aiming for higher education. Even better if the parents could send their children to an ESL environment school from their early days like an English oriented preschool, followed by International school for primary and secondary level.

ESL in Kuala Lumpur

In any household, English as a second language often came with a reason. One of the reasons is the location. Many families that live in the big city like Kuala Lumpur often speak in English because Kuala Lumpur is the soul for tourist attraction, expatriate’s, diplomat’s and ambassador’s home, and the availability of many international schools in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur is the heart of gastronomic hubs in Asia. The city is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Kuala Lumpur often stands out to tourists and diplomats for the work opportunities, the modern high-rise buildings, the historical places, the harmonious blend of religions, the all-year-round warm weather, the easily accessible public transportation, and the multiple food choices from all over the world are made available in Kuala Lumpur.

And of course, communication is never a problem in Kuala Lumpur, English is all around.

Tourists will always feel comfortable being in Kuala Lumpur as it feels like home.

For expatriates who brought along their families, there will be no concern with regards to education because there are plenty of international schools scattered around Kuala Lumpur. These schools are not only open to foreigners, but also to Malaysian’s children who choose to study internationally. But often, only those from a wealthy family can afford international schooling as the fees can create a huge hole in your wallet.

Finding The Right Centre to Learn ESL in Kuala Lumpur

Now that we know English is crucially important in Kuala Lumpur, many parents are frantically searching for a platform that teaches English as a second language for their children.

The criteria of a good English Centre can be either be location wise, the professional expertise provided, and the fees.

There is the need to consider the location as areas in Kuala Lumpur are often crowded. Traffic jams are a familiar sight. Hence, when looking for an English centre, people will have to consider the accessibility to the location. It is easier if the centre is near to a public transport station. If the person is driving, he needs to calculate the correct timing to arrive at class on time.

Apart from that, we also need to survey the teachers or the professional expert that we are going to engage with. Of course, the teachers must be excellent English speakers, come with good credibility and are not scammers.

Joining an English tuition class would mean investing some amount of money. There is the need to pay for the monthly tuition fees, the examination fee and costs for the books. Therefore, finding a centre within your budget is important.

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